FBI Agent Beat Up and Left for Dead

by Ryu

How much heat would that generate?

This actually happened. The “golden age” of undercover or UC work was the 1970s and 1980s.

There are a few problems. One is that policework today is much more bureaucratic. Two, there are far fewer individualistic or “cowboy” type cops in existence. Finally, “human” skills in general have decreased, due to computers and iphones.

If you ***really*** want to excel at UC work, you’ve got to go back to the pre-computer era. There’s no other way.

As for the beaten agent, you can already guess. He got greedy and was made. The criminals’ mistake was not shooting him immediately. They left him alive, and he later testified as a witness.

The suspect got 10 years for “assaulting a federal agent.” Feds and cops have many special protections given by the legal system. The other side of this, is that they can’t get away with anything when they try to operate on their own.

If you think – cops and agents don’t take these sort of things personally, you’re lying to yourself. They are as vengeful as any common man.

6 Comments to “FBI Agent Beat Up and Left for Dead”

  1. I talked to some Sheriff’s today. Your words were pumping threw the back of my head as they grilled me.

    • I think I know who you are, Akuma. WordPress allows us to see your IP and email; sadly they facilitate the Police State.

      Your privacy is safe here. I will erase anyone’s past comments if they ask for it.

      I thought the cops would come for you. Americans today are big snitches. They always threaten to “call the cops” on those they dislike. They just wait until your back is turned to do it. Probably wrote down your license plate for later, which the police used to track you.

      Assault is a hard crime to get away with, if unplanned and impulsive. Takes a real skill and knowledge of human nature.

      You see, the threat has to be big enough. And if they call your bluff, you’ve got to put them down hard. In some cases, the Mob would strip down a man and take some nudies. Go to the police, and we’ll send these to everyone you know.

      One union leader was forced to put on his own fag show. Was drugged and fucked in the ass on vid. He didn’t go to the cops.

  2. Any idea how much police actually get killed and the person isnt caught? I think back to whatever that black guy was a few years ago where it was a huge deal where they got helicopters etc after him and smoked his cabin. Certainly not all escalate to that…or do they? What about bank robberies?

    • About 100 officers per year are shot on duty, EK. I would estimate
      about 99% of those homicides are solved. It is very rare to find a
      cop killer who gets away with it. Terrifically rare.

      About 400 cops per year commit suicide.

      You are talking about Chris Dorner. He was LAPD, an officer himself
      who was targetting other officers.

      Dorner got buzzed by the system. wasn’t used to working on his own.
      He was caught because he had taken a couple hostage, and he freed
      them, so they naturally ran to the cops. Was cornered, then burned

      • Yeah, but why the huge uproar over him, and you say 100 get killed a year, how come these dont turn into nation wide manhunts? Why so rare to get away?

      • The huge uproar over Chris Dorner is that in his manifesto, he said
        he was gonna hunt down some other cops. He was a cop-killer who was
        also a cop. He “could” have done some real damage.

        “Officer Down” calls don’t turn into nation-wide manhunts because the area is SATURATED with cops within about 4 minutes.

        People even come in if they were off-duty. Everyone jumps in and is eager. All entry and exit points are locked down. You’ve got 4 minutes before lockdown and dozens of cops on scene. Not a long time, especially if unplanned.

        The clearance rate for cops killed on duty is extremely high.

        The reason is clear – investigators take those cases more seriously. They are personal. Cops value the lives of their friends more than the lives of strangers. They throw alot more time and resources at those investigations.

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