Our Promise to White Men: Never Kneel Again

by Ryu

…unless, it is to gain a better position, to spy, or to gain something specific. Sometimes feigning weakness is the right move.

Today, the white man is a slave to minos, women and jews. To any worthwhile Aryan, this is a hateful existence.

There is a pleasure in life of taking, rather than being “given.” It takes balls to take. No one is going to give the first whites anything, let alone permission.

Our goals at Eradica are very simple. We pursue them unapologetically:
– gas the jews
– subjugate white women into the kitchen and bedroom
– lynch the niggers
– throw the spics over the wall
– all while getting rich, stealing our enemies’ land, women and gold!

This is a difficult task. It has been done before, but there is nothing particularly new or magical about our time period. The American Surveillance State is awesome, yet holes are appearing. A slick nationalist can take advantage of these holes and take what he wants, if he is clever.

3 Comments to “Our Promise to White Men: Never Kneel Again”

  1. The last time I yielded it was because the dindus buddy was filming with a camera. About 30 seconds later his backup showed up. A group of five, including a SWPL white male amongst a group of blacks. This was deep in Dindu land, in the most violent part of the city. Dont ask why I was there.

    If you can stay out of any city. I was once stalked home from a club by three blacks. I had to hide in the dark on my apartments porch. Luckily the lights were off and they couldn’t find me, I then slipped inside and slept next to a loaded 12 gauge.

    • Our promise extends to you, SR.

      You can be the most dangerous man on the streets. Get good enough, and you can do what you want, because everyone else will be below you.

      What you might picture, is them hiding from YOU. White men are very unique in all the world. They have a secret ability which the world calls vice, but we call virtue.

      You missed your chance! Capping three niggers would be a good night’s work. We forgive you for sparing their lives.

  2. At least it’s been a good week.

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