The Only Power You Own…is the Power You Seize

by Ryu

Cops and soldiers – as powerless as small children without state permissions.

Most of their suicides (33 soldiers per day / 400 cops per year) is due to this fact. They never had any power, not really. It was only on loan from BigFed.

What the common man imagines as power is mostly invested in titles and uniforms, not in men. When Obama’s term is over, he goes from “the most powerful man in the world” to just another celebrity.

God has given the white race a great opportunity.

Nothing is given to us. If we want salvation for our race, we shall have to take it all the way. No politician anywhere can do the job.

It is a great and terrifying thing. No wonder WNs have failed so often for so great a prize.

Even enlightened modern women want their men to become violent racists.

8 Comments to “The Only Power You Own…is the Power You Seize”

  1. I was reluctant to post this here since I get the impression that the MGTOW label has a negative connotation in WN circles, but I was wondering if you have ever heard of this guy Ryu? I just discovered him and he has some pretty good content. In the first video he lays out the end result of pushing fems and mino’s into STEM at the expense pushing out white males, and it’s not going to make for a very bright future (Think the Flintstones, rather than the Jetsons).

    Hell by the Dashboard Light
    The Future That Will Never Be (Part 1)

    The video below ponders the question that’s at the back of most of our minds here.
    When Will White Men Fight Back? (Part 1)

    • You get around, Guest.

      No, I’d never heard of him. Must not be too worried about the police state, videotaping like that.

      I’ve listened to a few of his talks. Seems to be a middle aged white man, maybe an engineer, whose gone rather far in the red pill.

      He’s weak on the JQ, bro. I wonder if his job in academia is making him too invested in the system. There are types of WNs that didn’t go through the Turner Diaries, Pierce, Covington, and so on. I don’t think he has gone through much “traditional” WN material.

      • I’m relatively new to WN myself Ryu. I’ve dallied in it here and there over the past decade, visited StormFront on occasion in the past, but I’m sort of a greenhorn when it comes to WN.

        I’m Probably not what most people would think of as a WN. But a man, even a common white man like myself, can only tolerate so much of a blatant agenda intended on his personal destruction, unless one is self-hating, as it seems that most in our demographic are these days. Ironically, if it were not for the vitriol being pushed by the LN’s for our kind, I probably would have never thought to seek out WN.

        One thing that I like about the content producer above is the gentle style that he has to putting his message out there. I think that the Nazi, Hitler, KKK talk, scares off a lot of potential newcomers to WN. You have to ease new people in to this sort of thing first.

      • The “structure” of WN is the pyramid, both in content and numbers.

        There is very little truly advanced material that is useful. At this point, it is rather easy to find racially aware whites. I myself have been “recruited” by relatively normal whites.

        The scary stuff must be there too. There is no other way. This site is not for the beginner.

        You’ll note he doesn’t talk much about police brutality, torture, or the system locking up WNs like Matt Hale. It takes violent men to take down violent men. In the end, it will be like prison – either one joins up, or one lives as a slave.

  2. I agree Ryu. I wasn’t referring to this site, which I would consider to be for the more advanced WN.

    I think a good place to get one’s feet wet is

    This gives a good visual representation, that technically, should be enough to boil the blood of anyone even considering WN, but yet isn’t too much to start.

  3. >You get around, Guest.

    That’s because there are at least 3 different people posting as guest here.
    I’m the original i think, from the Balkans, but the guest above is American?

    • Correct, American. I think that Ryu can tell the difference by the emails (I’ve never been able to post a comment without one, despite it being posted that you don’t need one). I should probably just pick a name and stick with it, as it probably makes little difference in the end. I never access this site without using TOR through my Linux machine, or TAILs, but nothing is foolproof of course. There is no greater pox upon one in the U.S. than the dreaded “hater” label, so you must at least try to cover your tracks.

      • Yes, it does seem there are more than one “guest.” I could tell the diff if I wanted to dig. But your anonymity is greater if more than one person uses the same name.

        In fact, such a method can be used to increase privacy in a general way. A ‘name’ is just a container for a person; more than one person can fit in there.

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