Roissy Sees…Eradica!

by Ryu

At last, Heartiste comes to the same conclusion we reached.

The white man must unapologetically crush his enemies, steal their gold, and plunder their women. Only then will white women return to white men.

The sole problem with violence…is that white men are not violent enough!

Women LOVE serial killers, cops, soldiers, MMA fighters, gangsters and criminals. They love violence because it forces other women and men to submit. There is nothing to apologize for. Women are awed by displays of power and cruelty.

White women don’t feel safe with white men right now. Who would? What type of man allows jews, niggers, spics and Muzz to trample his home? Madness. Any man worthy of the title knows what to do already. There should be groids hanging from every lamppost and Muzzheads on every pole.

Our only addition is that white men must first learn how to “get away with it”, until we hold power. Then, we may purge the enemy day and night. We don’t want to see any suicide missions unless the agent is truly unable to escape.
“Given the premise of this post, we may have a way forward to solving our shared single White woman problem and saving America from the open borders locust swarm. The issue, as I see it, is that White men have been playing defense for too long. Always appeasing, always conceding, always cucking.

The rise of the Maul-Right has shown there’s a better path. If the essence of maleness is Invasion, then our sexually primed single White women can be wooed by their men going on offense; in practice this would mean adopting rhetoric that is much more potent, passionate, and prodding than what White men have succumbed to the past few generations. It means reframing the third world invasion and open borders as a temporary battlefield defeat that will only spur America’s White men to rally the troops, gather arms, and storm the shitlands of their invaders.

This doesn’t have to signify literal invasion; what it should evoke in single White women (and their dirt world pets) is a virile, masculine purge of the invaders from the homelands of White men. We will purge the squatters, and we will purge the traitors, and we will purge the media accessories to the invasion. This is action. This is strength. And in the end, this is aroused White women brought back under the tutelage and direction of their White men.”

4 Comments to “Roissy Sees…Eradica!”

  1. I believe that prospective near elites (PRONIES) have recieved an extremely bad deal in recent years. Tought from near birth to be passive to receive the rewards of the system, but only to find after years of loyalty they are behind pretty much everybody, and are nothing without the Elite Stamp of approval. Women will sooner chase a druggie.

    What are they to do? Travel to Columbia and write a book? Might scare employers. Move to another country? No way to move US near elite credentials overseas, they have their own near elite. Try to build your own family, business, social circle? You’re not “cool enough” to compete for women, social status, and you’re behind others who already have their own fiefdoms.

    It’s difficult to think of a society in history that treated it’s talent so poorly.

    What’s left to them? Drunken debauchery? Post mean things online? Risk everything to be the violent man that you reference above? Historically, societies make sure there are difficulties converting raw unsanctioned violence and law breaking into, money, power, and women. To put it simply, one cannot get power and women if they cannot talk about things.

    The reason why societies must be successful at blocking the conversion of unsanctioned violence into money, power, and women, is that the day such things are allowed is the day that Homo Economicus meets Mad Max.

    • The white male is reaching that point. Why should he work and pay his taxes so that others may profit?

      The “old” goal of PUA is dying. This is becoming apparent. Even the successful PUAs are tired of the sluts they get now. They desire more power, not sex which is cheap.

      It is the Murkan Surveillance State which holds back white violence. It is designed to protect them from us, not us from them. It is very expensive to maintain and cracks are starting to appear.

      • To badly paraphrase Churchill, Heartiste has established that status flows to power, all that is left is to bargain over price.

        I doubt the Vikings knew right away how to convert raw force to power, and then to status, but they ended up forming dynasties all over Europe, and indirectly the entire world.

        It is not like one can just wake up one morning learning how to run over a poker table, nor, despite some PUA advertisements, does one wake up knowing how to partake of money, fame, fear, women, power, etc. To receive is easy, of course. But, like the greats, some either learn, or embrace what they already have.

  2. American Woman

    American Band

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