The MRA Who Picked Up a Gun….

by Ryu

…and started shooting feminists.

It was quite a novel solution. Trying to talk feminists out of feminism didn’t seem to work. A dead feminist cannot harm any more men or corrupt any more women.

There’s nothing new happening today. Historically, feminism manifests at the end of a civilization. Barbarian invasions and societal collapse put women back in the kitchen, and feminism dies yet again, only to return in the decadent times.

5 Comments to “The MRA Who Picked Up a Gun….”

  1. He was not White, but only half, so its funny that he said feminism ruined his life. Unless of course you are following the HR definiton of White.

    • Even minos have to deal with feminism. There are a few mino MRMers. Of course, they fear WN like the plague, so they only get part of the red pill dose.

  2. And it was ammunition well spent.

  3. In the victoria era all the men became fags and feminism was’nt even invented yet by the jews to start their artur,caligula nero ect that become immoral and fag creeps in along with jews in gov. the country falls.In zoomurkia the amount of men that are raped by other men is about the totl that are in iraq making them dysfunctioal.It’s the same in gov.. It becomes extremlly divisive and hostile. A house devided against itself shall not stand. After society gets infected the mission is complete.

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