It Is Too Late to Rebel in Your 30s

by Ryu

Some skills must be learned young, or they are not learned at all.

Criminals look upon the period from birth to 18 year old as a sort of “magical period.” This is the time when one truly learns how to “get away with it.” Upon one’s 18 birthday, one’s juvenile criminal record is virtually forgotten.

In fact, in the old days, older criminals used to tell their junior associates to learn all they could at this time.

Commit every crime, learn how to do it right, and how to get away with it. When you are a minor, all of your crimes are free.

White Nationalists (WNs) and Survivalists/Patriots (SPs) have mined every bit of knowledge the US military has – and they still haven’t learned what they need.

Only criminals and terrorists need to learn how to get away with it.

All of the “good guys” are busy protecting the system. There seems to be a great deal of reluctance to learn from the “bad guys.” Learn the right skills from the right people.

6 Comments to “It Is Too Late to Rebel in Your 30s”

  1. The truest jihadis neither desire nor plan to “get away with it.” Their first order of business is the courage of a conviction TO SELF-ANNIHILATE with the mass murder of “infidels” being an instigating factor and the REWARD of seventy-two “lily white” virgins for eternal smashings the “inspiration.”

    “Getting away with it” is not to be found in a true jihadis’ creed.

    • That’s very true, TD. Few jihadis even try to get away with it. I suppose if one believes in heaven enough, there is no need.

    • TD — What’s scary right now is that America has a full blown symptom of civilizational decline coming from the disease call radical autonomy. I know – I get to see it first hand with acquaintances with no family, no children and not much money, but just living for the moment while they can. I know I have been affected, but most are unaware.

  2. I don’t know about that. Old folks have less to lose, even if they’re afraid to admit it to themselves.

  3. No White man should die of old age.

  4. I feel this in by bones as I’m a few years from the magic three zero. It’s been a powerful motivation to (un)learn as much as possible before my spirit calcifies.

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