How Would a Lawyer Perform Direct Action?

by Ryu

What an interesting question! Why hasn’t this been asked before?

…because THAT is how far WN is from where it needs to be.

If someone can’t be convicted of a crime, because the elements can’t be proven or other stuff is missing, then he gets away with it.

Asking soldiers how to do it is meaningless – soldiers act under state protection and are rarely charged for what they do. They’re untouchable.

Asking cops how to “get away with it” doesn’t work. All cops are pro-system and would not do anything to help “criminals.” They too are largely untouchable.

…and so, one starts asking real questions, from someone who knows how the system works and how to get away with it. For example:

“How would a lawyer commit arson?”

“Has there ever been a lawyer-arsonist? And if so, how did he do it?”

“Was he caught immediately, eventually, or never? And why?”

If you want insightful answers, you must ask the right research questions. WN’s current abilities are far below its ambitions. The search for power, at all costs, is the answer.

6 Comments to “How Would a Lawyer Perform Direct Action?”

  1. you’ve heard about ambulance chasers., well they had a firm of fire truck chashers that on slow days they would set fires and show up to help renters sue the landlords after a fire .They would only sue non jew landlords I beleive thier name was shylock and shyster slipovitsz the fire insurance firm motto is u burn em we fry em

  2. Interesting. Lawyers know how the “bad guys” get caught as well as the cops. Needs a Jekyll & Hyde type personality.

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