Another World Awaits…Where Minos and Jews Fear Us

by Ryu

There are two struggles in WN.

“The collective struggle” is well known. This is getting our own ethnostate, putting our women back in the home and kitchen, teaching white men to take risks again, and so on.

“The individual struggle” is virtually unknown.

It is a struggle against fear and doubt. The American Surveillence State was created to hold WNs and their MOG (Mountain of Guns) in check.

Most WNs believe the collective struggle must be won, in order to win the individual struggle. That is, once WNs hold power, white men will be able to do as they please.

We disagree. The individual struggle must be won FIRST. Thereafter, the collective struggle can be won. Enough individuals must win their own struggles to inspire the rest.

18 Comments to “Another World Awaits…Where Minos and Jews Fear Us”

  1. Pagan culture is all about the individual struggle. The ancestors new this well. The Scandinavian and Greek sources are clear on this. The Roman sources, less so.

    But this is almost completely forgotten. And modern Christianity is a failure because it doesn’t help with this. Christian virtue is almost helpless against pagan vice. Pagan virtue is strong against pagan vice, and Christian virtue on top of pagan virtue is strongest.

    The runestones don’t record praises of bravery, but describe it in negative terms, such as “he did not flee” of “he fought as long as he had weapons”. Because there is nothing to do but fight, and keep fighting, whatever the circumstances, until you can’t fight any more.

    • You refer to roman and greek sources of paganism as if they started it. It has been around way longer than they even existed. Basically it is an awe, wonder, respect, study and even worship of nature. Whether anybody likes it or not destroy it and mankind will follow.

  2. Can you list any sources of information online that detail this individual struggle in our ancestral religions? I hate to use the word “pagan” as that seems to legitimize the judaic mind virus.

    Even growing up steeped in protestant christianity and converting devoutly in early 20’s, I still instinctively had the desire to overcome this individual struggle. To become Walter Kurtz(from the book not the movie). The christian ethos does the opposite to a man. It enslaves him and clouds his vision of self awareness. It stamps out all the hot flames in his heart. He becomes forgetful. His eyes glaze over at reality and the harsh truths of this earth. He dreams of angels singing and harps strumming in his promised eternal paradise. He gets only his puckered ass raped day in and day out. He’s a sucker and a mark.

    Let the sheep graze and the wolves hunt.

    If a man is weak I have no pity for him. If he has no will to power I have no mercy and no remorse for him.

  3. Ryu: This website might be of interest to you. It documents the current hate crimes that take place in Spain:

    The owner of the site is of course not on our side.

  4. “Man is born violent but is kept in check by the people around him. If he nevertheless manages to throw off his fetters, he can count on applause, for everyone recognises himself in him. Deeply ingrained, nay, buried dreams come true. The unlimited radiates its magic even upon crime, which, not coincidentally, is the main source of entertainment in Eumeswil. I, as an anarch, not uninterested but disinterested, can understand that. Freedom has a wide range and more facets than a diamond.” Pg. 93 Eumesweil by Ernst junger

  5. The Jews and Minos fear, hate and murderously loathe white Supremacy and have yelled, screamed, screeched and hollered such rabid sentiments for the TOTALITY OF OUR LIVES and from every direction perceivable…

    And yet, even an alt-writer cannot “Hear here.”

  6. Whites are already the most fearsome race in the world
    They just need to remember it

    • Or be dutifully reminded by genuine authority figures… Those “we” would call white Supremacists.

      • The Murkan demography is total crap. It’s a land of Radical Autonomists not White Supremacy. The reason why Murka is in its depressing state — the sole pursuit of money for the pursuit of radical autonomy.

    • True. Even today, most Murkan cops and soldiers are white men. Somehow, they just can’t do the same things for themselves. We are not selfish enough yet.

  7. Europe’s Right-Wing Youth Activists are Striking Back Against Multi-Culturalism

    Generation Identity: Europe’s Youth Reconquista

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