MMA is a Joke, and is Useless for WN

by Ryu

If MMA fighters are so powerful, why are they just entertainers, bodyguards and bouncers?

They train, follow a rigorous diet, and accept blows, all to sell tickets and collect a paycheck. When one fighter get too old or injured, no problem, the association just hypes another pony and the scheme continues. As for “protection”, one can always hire another piece of meat to keep liquor sales up.

Similar with bodyguards. Everyone wants permission to be a badass; the no-risk, no-money down action plan.

It’s not tough, it’s stupid.

They beat up other fighters, instead of those who take advantage of them. Today MMA is just another fan-cuck like football or niggerball…..wear my jersey! Lindell’s my hero!!!

Why not “enrich” themselves by beating up the rich, taking all their money and women, and becoming elites themselves? Instead of being given it?

MMA fighters don’t have that skill. Stick-up men and revolutionaries do, but they don’t. You’ll never learn what you want following those who beg permission.

WN is about …… ***TAKING POWER.*****

WNs are not clowns to be watched on TV, nor paid athletes. In the game of political power, there are no rules. Either the white race has a future, or it does not. Our “noble intentions” mean nothing without victory.

Never fight fair. The cops and soldiers don’t. They don’t engage, unless they have every advantage they can get their hands on. They know winning is the final arguement.

The most lethal men on this planet are not MMA fighters, not by a longshot. Lethal means “killing”, as in permenant. How many dead bodies do you see produced in that ring of theirs?

The “violence” MMAers practice is only a small portion of what is possible…

…the rest, you’ve got to learn somewhere else. Who knows? Maybe from “the bad guys.” Never forget, there is another world out there, where the stakes are higher.

Here’s a good video of an MMA God being smoked. His “training” didn’t help.

6 Comments to “MMA is a Joke, and is Useless for WN”

  1. The video you linked to is a cartoon.

  2. If anyone is bragging about their MMA or Karate Belt they do not know how to fight, period. Most of these guys are still adolescents mentally, and lack the ability to think tactically. Evasion of these types of situations is a skill you can only learn on the street.

    As an MMA fighter the guy probably got used to being dominant in interactions, so he didn’t know what to do when he encountered stronger resistance.

    • Good stuff, Lazar. “Getting away with it” is a skill you can only learn on the streets. GAWI is all there is. That’s why cops and soldiers have so little to teach.

      It is also why the Survivalists can’t do anything. They are just like retired cops.

  3. So you’re saying all those years I’ve been practicing my Dim Mak is pointless? God damnit. My sensei lied to me.

  4. Eh, its not quite black and white. MMA can be great for teaching basics, conditioning, escape, defense etc. Yes, thinking that is the ‘end’ is going to cost you, esp if you go to ground in the street. But situational awareness, how to take hits, and so on are useful, thats undeniable.

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