YOU Should Be the Most Dangerous Person Walking the Streets…

by Ryu

One of the great divides in WN is the difference between those seeking to make themselves more dangerous and those making themselves less dangerous.

The hallmark of the fearful WN is the following disclaimer, which everyone has seen: “We do not condone violence here. We are peaceful flowers and please don’t send your raiders to come get us. You may use violence against us and our people, but I promise never to use violence against you. For informational purposes and entertainment only.”

Imagine that the most extreme commonly known forms of WN are assigned a value of ” 1 “.

There is information available, of such quality, one might assign it a “25” or “50.”

The problem is, there exists no audience for such teaching. On the entire planet, there may be 100 men who have need for the information. And those 100 men would find the material regardless of the obstacles, because they have a deep genetic need to find it.

There is another world out there, waiting…for the right men.

Things are not as they seem. Cops and especially soldiers have nothing to teach. This is the occult reason why the American survivalist / patriot community is so impotent.

MMA and the martial arts in general are for children. It is entertainment for the masses and the trainees, representing only the smallest portion of what is possible. The stories below will help the adept assign fighters into their proper role in the hierarchy:

11 Comments to “YOU Should Be the Most Dangerous Person Walking the Streets…”

  1. Your comments about MMA are true; never pick a fair fight is the real world rule.

  2. It’s good to train
    It will only accomplish so much
    Best boxer I knew was stabbed on the street

    Equal parts lion and fox as Machiavelli said

  3. Ryu have you ever watched Uwe bolls rampage series?

    • I have watched the first two many times. I know there is a third, which I have not seen yet.

      It is surprising the Rampage series isn’t more well known in WN circles. I chose not to write about it because it seems that “the right people” would naturally find it, and the others would dislike it.

      It has valuable information…and he never gets caught, though he is IDed quickly.

  4. What do you suggest ones appearance be: Weak or Strong, and I look weak, but can hold my own in a fight. I once got into a fight with a marine and held my own. It took five people on me, and five people on him to stop the fight. Assailants use looking weak as an excuse to attack you when they size you up. Beyond a certain threshold looking too intimidating can make assailants mess with you even more.

    • It is cheaper to not have to fight. The power of reputation and intimidation allows one to profit without having to fight all the time.

      Consider how the American police and military operate. Few challenge them. But all cops and soldier can die or bleed.

      The big problem with fighting is that it leaves the other party alive, so he may do revenge. More permenant solutions require one to be able to “get away with it.”

  5. Nothing else matters but justified revenge against infinite evil. NOTHING

  6. If you are “deciding” to appear weak or strong than your inclination is towards appearing incompetent because choosing an appearance of competency is always the choice of the most credible. And the most credible, by definition, are the strongest in the totality of the very conception of “the strong.”

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