The Best Posts Cannot Be Written Anywhere

by Ryu

It is too dangerous for the writer.

WN is a great deal like professional poker or sport. The longer one plays, the more information one surrenders. After long enough, one becomes predictable.

I estimate that the WN found online today represents about only 33% of what is possible.

It is not a matter of “condoning violence.” Every cop and soldier in every country uses violence, so clearly there is nothing wrong with it. To use violence without state permission is the highest thing a man can accomplish.

Privacy is power – on all sides. Those who don’t comment online, should not start. Never give away free information. It is not worth it.

I can only write the bottom 25% of the information I find. The remainder, just can’t be done. This is one of the hidden reasons why advanced WNs quit – there is nothing left to write and no one left to read it.

6 Comments to “The Best Posts Cannot Be Written Anywhere”

  1. Are you using TAILs OS Ryu? If you are not already you should be. But you’re right; if you are not already commenting you shouldn’t start. Nothing is foolproof, the above being no exception, though probably as good as it gets.

    Ideally you would start off this way. Create your drafts while in TAILs and save them to your encrypted persistent drive. It’s possible that your IP could be tracked back through all those TOR nodes, so you upload at a public wifi venue such as Starbucks, or any of the other LN’s favourite stomping grounds. Now that would be funny!

    • It is less a problem of computer security, than giving away what the author is thinking Guest.

      The very best WN information cannot be published, because it would implicate the author. So the right people have to go searching for it. Maybe it is better that way.

      I have read most of the Paladin Press and Loomponics books. But there are other books out there, that make those look like children’s book.

  2. “But there are other books out there, that make those look like children’s books.”

    And these books are…

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