This is Why WNs Perform Direct Action…

by Ryu

“Murdered Indian engineer leaves immigrant tech workers rattled: Will brain drain follow?”

Hopefully it does! Sadly, one death will not stop the deluge. That would take many more corpses.

Fear and violence work to correct human behavior. WNs – if they are honest – must admit that the reason they don’t state that is because they fear the USG sending their hired killers to come and kill them.

There is nothing wrong with violence. For some, the more violent, the more the public worships them.

The most violent 2 street-gangs within the USA are the American police and the American military; both groups kill more than any other gang, such as the Crips or Mexican Mafia. The US military has killed 3 million civilians during the last 16 years in Iraq/the Stan. American cops typically kill 1000 citizens each year.

You will never hear a cop or soldier deny violence. Violence is their business. However, you will often hear them say that only they deserve to use violence as a tool for gaining compliance.

We are here to break the monopoly.

Little children in the third world can learn how to soldier. There is nothing difficult about the thing. Any man between 10 and 60 can learn how to kill.

The challenge is in getting away with it. Cops and soldiers cannot teach this skill, as they never learned it. They don’t have to; the USG covers them. Only criminals and terrorists possess such knowledge.

***ANYONE*** who claims that cops and soldiers can teach revolution is a liar. They obey our enemy, they don’t fight him. If you want to learn how to cash a check or whore your ass, ask them. American cops and soldiers have never rebelled against their masters.

No backup.
No budgets.
No help.
No way out.

White DAAs are the very best white men alive today. Nothing else even comes close. There are gods among us. The white man who did this, and remains free to this very day, is one of them:

7 Comments to “This is Why WNs Perform Direct Action…”

  1. Funny note on that bardstown murder. The chief of police for that little town had/has a pretty little daughter that was singing country music at a bar I was working at. I pulled her tits out in the alleyway and was sucking on them while the parent s where in the next room.

    Had to do something when she gave me some last minute resistance to going upstairs and taking my dick.

    • Cops’ daughters seem to be like that, Jack. The dad tries to keep them protected, when they want to be wild.

      • Even funnier is that I saw the dad bout 2 yrs ago after his daughter had stopped singing at the bar and I asked how she was doin. He told me she got knocked up by one of his officers. LOL

  2. I prefer indirect action.

    By proxy.

    MINOs hate each other anyway, it’s just a matter of exacerbating the resentment amongst the different groups that compose the FFOL.

    MINOs are also much more violent, by nature & nurture, than today’s pussified whites.

    MINO aggression is glorified by the media: use it.

    It doesn’t matter who pulls the trigger.

    The victims (and their respective ethnic/social groups) get the message anyway.

  3. You write this like all cops are bad. Twice I have gotten them involved when the trouble would have been too much to just kill the asshole. First time ended with me barking orders at them. The second time the cops were nice enough to give me back my shotgun, and the evidence bag.

    • The American police state is directed at whites, not minos.

      Facial recognition works better on whites. There are no Waco or Ruby Ridge-style raids on minos or mino-gangs. In a very real way, the only thing stopping WN is the police. They protect law and order – system style.

      • True. The only exception are places like San Francisco, DC and NYC. The police in these cities are the security guards for the elite wites. They keep niggas in check from trespassing their sacred living space.

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