If You Get Caught During Surveillance, You’d Have Been Caught During the Action

by Ryu

That’s why “climbing the ladder” is so important.

You don’t go for too much too soon. Small steps forward. If one is caught at a certain level, fall back, learn, and try again. ALWAYS abort rather than get caught.

Nearly 100% of DAAs today are doing it wrong, because they all get killed or captured. They are rushing, because being patient and disciplined is HARD. Especially when there is no drill instructor or sergeant there to do it for them. We salute their raw courage but dislike their impulsiveness.

All ops are the same: beginning, middle end – planning, action, escape. What one sees time and time again is all action, no planning or escape.

In truth, the action is less than 1% of what’s necessary. The gun is the least important tool a DAA can obtain. The best proof of this, is the American survivalist patriot community. They are very well-armed, but no one uses their guns less.

“Getting away with it” is a skill no cop or soldier can teach – they don’t need it! The state covers their back-end.

Only criminals and terrorists can even approach the skill sensibly. Even spy agencies like Mossad or the CIA are covered by their state permission. No military, police or spy agency uses one-man teams. It simply does not happen.

Stop worshiping cops and soldiers and start worshiping those who do it on their own, with no protection or safety-net. When WNs learn to look up at criminals, rather than down, a new world will reveal itself.

Let it be known, there are still criminals getting away with amazing crimes, even today. Some do it, despite incredible heat.

2 Comments to “If You Get Caught During Surveillance, You’d Have Been Caught During the Action”

  1. EVERYONE should conduct surveillance, even if they have no plans for defensive action. ESPECIALLY then. Makes it easier for the heroes not to draw attention.

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