Muzz Unrepentant After Killing 7 Jew Girls

by Ryu

The Muzz are badass. Any group who hates and kills (((them)))) on a regular basis, as well as resists American imperialism is worthy of respect and admiration.

4 Comments to “Muzz Unrepentant After Killing 7 Jew Girls”

  1. The jew is pretty good at revenge (using amerikan goy resources)….Mossad will probably kill this guy in the future….

    • Perhaps. But unlike whites, his kin who survive will then kill some more jews. The Muzz don’t apologize for anything. And – unlike Mossad – this guy acted alone, without an organization behind him.

      • In most cases…what this guy did (revenge against your enemies) should be left to do near the end of one’s natural life….Then….when they close in on you and it’s clear you’re not taking any more with you, you could suicide yourself….
        It’s rare that anyone survives one of these missions….

  2. Mudslims sure like to create the conditions for a wiener party. A cock culling is long overdue.

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