Cracks Appear in the Murkan Police State….

by Ryu

Homicide is the most thoroughly investigated crime there is. When one sees people getting away with murder, one knows the system is losing some of its powers.

Below is a big case, a media case, a double homicide involving 2 teen girls who went on a walk. The investigation is at its very start, so the police have released virtually no details.

Police seek man photographed in area teens were found murdered in Indiana

The police have made a mistake here.

There are two types of homicide: the whodunit and the dunker. Dunkers are easy because the suspect knows the victim; the suspect pool is small and the police today almost always catch the killer who knows his victim.

The double homicide above is a whodunit. There was probably alot of evidence left at the scene: footprints, DNA, fingerprints, hairs, fibers. The girls probably died of knife wounds or strangulation. Sexual assault probably took place. If they had smartphones, the phone would trace their location at various times. Time to discovery, a day or so.

The police “should have” asked for the public’s help right away, before memories erode. Too often they are secretive and wait too long, which hampers the investigation. Technology is good today, but the human element has fallen badly. People aren’t as aware of their environment as they used to be. They have a false sense of safety, which the police have conned them into believing.

They will be lucky to solve this case. The police have evidence, but no suspect to match it against. The method or pattern is unique, and is a commonly used one.
Anchorage trail homicides leave residents on edge

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