If You Are Not Already Commenting Here (Or Anywhere Else), Don’t Start

by Ryu

Privacy and anonymity are priceless.

The more you have, the safer you are. The less, the more danger. The enemy grows fat on the evidence you leave behind.

Every comment, every post gives the enemy more information. Having a long WN career means a long exposure time. The more I write here, the more I limit myself, and the more careful I must become.

One sees this in sport alot. Someone new comes on the scene and is great…for awhile. Until everyone learns his game. Thereafter, he can’t win. This is especially true in poker, where old pros burn out the game by playing too long and becoming predictable.

“For advanced WNs, the stakes are always going up.”

The meaning of this quote is as follows. There are host of tradeoffs occurring as one improves in WN. More time, more abilities, but one leaves more information and one becomes more predictable. One sets patterns.

It is no different than a long-time stock investor who goes through large market corrections. Rare events WILL occur if you wait long enough. Flip a coin long enough, and the impossible occurs.

4 Comments to “If You Are Not Already Commenting Here (Or Anywhere Else), Don’t Start”

  1. That’s why I try not commenting on aholes that have chats in the comment section on what to use as a throw away ect.
    So instead heres some pics you might enjoy

  2. Oh well! Myabe that’s why FP doesn’t post anymore. After accusing everyone else of being cowards…he ran away. OR he’s dead.

    • Or, he’s being smart. He is free now. The system or the curious won’t be able to pick up any clues on his behavior from his posts and comments.

  3. Sage advice Ryu. The lone wolf with thoughts that are only his, and no digital footprint trumps all. But this would be the rare individual in today’s world.

    Any sensitive online activity should be processed through the TAILs OS. Tails is the OS that James Bond would use if James Bond were real. As it turns out, Edward Snowden is real and it was his OS of choice.

    Nothing is foolproof, but the above is the closest that you’re going to come to it.

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