Do You Know What “Policeware” Is?

by Ryu

Policeware is malware written by and used by the police. In addition, the police often contact anti-virus vendors and tells them not to pick up their viruses.

It’s out there…be careful:

12 Comments to “Do You Know What “Policeware” Is?”


    Check the rules on this site, they essentially equate pedo/incest etc with questioning the jews. Surprisingly a lot of people get it though on that site.

    • Questioning the jews IS questioning pedo/incest.

      Much of their rules can be abridged into the more concise “don’t talk about merchants or their behavior”.

      “all anti-Semitic comments, general Jewish/Muslim bashing/hate speech or any other race/religion/people group hate, and comments regarding incest, rape, bestiality etc.”

      Notice how they always, invariably, start with “anti-semitism” as the number one no-no.

      Same thing with Trump, it’s always “anti-semitic, racist, islamophobe, homophobe, misogynist who hates disabled people”.

      They don’t even realize that calling something “anti-semitic” is by itself racist, as it establishes a hierarchy between the different forms of racism (and thereby the different races).

      • I have read your work, Tyrone. It is excellent. You will become a powerful nationalist, if you survive long enough. Using Taylor Swift as a symbol is good. A WN can indeed say he is fighting racism, as liberals are more racist than most WNs.

      • You left out blacks playing the race riot card especially after a black thug is rightfully shot,mentioning that they commit the most pedo crimes and mostly every crime against man,country,race and religion in the world.You cannot got to any event without some kind of black criminal activity taking place and even holiday shopping without mass black brawling tyrone .WTF does your comment have to do with Policeware.I read that jew trolls do such things to change the subject and or get the site shut down.The only groups mentioning white supremacists are jews and blacks ,not mentioning black and jew supremacists only stating facts that are in this case universally for known such as jail time and or death for comments like denying the holohoax ect. It seems to me that the amount of time and comments black trump is a paid troll

      • We’ll see OJ. I’m a troll too! But a white troll. I love being called a white supremacist.

    • Good stuff, I lolled. These censors are just cowards. Basically, anyone who isn’t a WN today is like a jewfag. They’re uptight and it’s tedious.

  2. It’s made,sold,installed,controlled,monitored ect. by mossad aka facebook,google,microsoft,youtube ect and paid for by your whiny, cryi monkey spanking fag arse taxes

  3. Silently Corrupting an Eclipse Workspace: The Ultimate Prank

  4. AIPAC 2017 PROTEST – EXPOSING ISRAEL & 9/11 IN WASHINGTON D.C.this is exactly why it is important to make things go viral and repost it. To spread the truth
    and mirror it, and archive it.
    Lots of good men spent thier lives gathering this info.It must be preserved. Many were jailed and lost their lives.***
    I got a site i use to store hundreds of sites that gives me reminders about once a month some weekly and some daily and every week about 2 or 3 bite the dust and guess why and by whom

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