“Anonymity Is Priceless” or “Privacy is Dead”: Who Do You Believe?

by Ryu

…some Murkan who doesn’t know the value of anonymity? Or, a member of the American elite?

“Anonymity is priceless,” one hedge-fund manager told me, declining an interview. This is from an article on the “prepping” (SURVIVALISM) of the ruling class.

The mindless Murkan public might accept that their privacy is gone, but the elites do not; they guard is jealously. They know what the average man does not: privacy and anonymity are power.

Firepower was absolutely right and he deserves credit for it.

When the shit hits the fan, be a raider. This is to be a glorious time for WNs. We can loot, steal, and kill all we like, with no police to stop us.

The natural state of the white race is hunting, conquering, and taking. These were high virtues to our ancestors. We must get that feeling back. Not of “earning a living”, but taking it. Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.

The fear of our enemies, and the rich, should taste good.

There are two primary human emotions: fear and greed. Most WNs today know only fear. Greed, however, is more addictive. To control a man’s life, to have him in your power is the greatest feeling possible. It is better than sex.

That article is just one of many. These people are afraid of us. They think they can “buy” protection with their money.

19 Comments to ““Anonymity Is Priceless” or “Privacy is Dead”: Who Do You Believe?”

  1. The most powerful are completely anonymous

  2. Invisibility has a psychological cost.

  3. There’s a new reality show out there Ryu that you might be familiar with, by the name of “Hunted”. It consists of retired federal investigators that try and track down volunteer fugitives. Many of the techniques are probably common knowledge to most of the readers here, but you could probably pick up a few new tricks from this show.

    One thing that’s readily apparent from watching shows of this variety, is just how little privacy you have today. Two of the participants foolishly decided that they would go to a restaurant if they made it past the halfway point of the challenge. They were camping out, and the investigators had no idea where they were at up until this point. Not long after they got on the road, a street cam scanned their license plate, and it was game over.

    The only truly effective way to evade the system if on the run is to go into “Eric Rudolph mode” and erase all digital footprints (i.e. modern GPS equipped vehicles, cell phones without removable batteries, any computer use, credit card purchases, ATM withdrawals, etc, and so on) and drop off grid. This should be obvious, but many of these contestants are either millennials, or your typical murkan educated dolts.

    • Awesome, Guest. Thank you for that. I’m going to follow that show now.

      It’s hard to stay off the grid, but the Muzz do it well. They’ve run the Murkans around for 16 years in Iraq and the Stan.

      • Yes, it certainly takes a special person to pull it off Ryu; more or less a “Claude Dallas type”, and such individuals are quite rare in today’s society. That’s one area in which the muzz have the edge over the west. They still have a culture of strong, masculine, males, as opposed to the nu-males that our society has been breeding here over the last half century.

      • Come on, Ryu… The muzz get to run wild BECAUSE they are allowed to run wild by the smothering impress of anti-white Supremacy. If dead jihadists entailed a large State Reward, how would muzz be running?

      • Yes, they are allowed in the West, but in the Middle East, they do run amok TD.

  4. https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/
    Huge wikileak dump, big deal. They say the CIA hacks smart phones, we knew it but now have proof.

  5. The thing that pisses me off, is the rich were late to the party, but will have enough cash to likely ‘buy’ their way into surviving.

    • EK…

      You have to quitting fretting as though the goal were “invisibility.”

      You are not trying to be invisible. Either is Ryu. Neither am I.

      white Supremacy cannot be invisible…

      And the grand desires of The Crown cannot be had by means of anti-white Supremacy.

      • Edit:

        You have to [quit] fretting as though the goal were “invisibility.”

      • Yet you are using a fake name. It is really not the time for coming out as a racist yet. I was hoping with Trump but….

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