New Police Decals Show Their True Beliefs…..

by Ryu


The reason why so many military units adopt the skull as an emblem is because THEY KNOW they are hired killers.

They know – that if they did it without a uniform, they’d all be criminals. Do cops and soldiers care about torture, murder, kidnapping and rape? Not in the slightest. They care about their paycheck and more importantly, the long money, in the form of a pension. That’s the only thing that keeps them loyal.

Apparently, there is a “club” of people who know these truths. Cops do, soldiers do, and a few citizens do. Outsiders have one purpose – to pay their taxes and shut up. You’re BSing yourself if you think they don’t love violence.

For those who don’t know, “The Punisher” was a fictional cop who went rogue and started operating without a uniform. He was disgusted with the system he served and decided to take the law into his own hands.

“What do you call 125 murders?!? Work in progress.”

2 Comments to “New Police Decals Show Their True Beliefs…..”

  1. Hahah. This is appropriate:

    Ironic, because the punisher LEFT the fbi/police because the structure, he had to go rogue.

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