We Salute the Actions in the Philidelphia Cemetery!

by Ryu

It is good to see some nationalists can still get away with it. Start small, then build up. Never leave witnesses or evidence. Don’t tell anyone what you do.

In this case, someone knocked over a bunch of graves in a jew cemetery. Naturally, the jews were outraged. Oy, when will it ever end?

I predicted that the jews would try to get someone else to pay for the damage and they did. They have set up a “fool the goyim” fund for fixing the damages, which will no doubt go in some jew’s pocket.


The jews are out for blood and want this to be prosecuted as a hate crime. However, catching the perpetrator will be hard. The only evidence left would be shoeprints and fingerprints perhaps. Probably the graveyard was not processed for evidence. However, this case was big enough that Pence visited, so they may be pulling out all the stops.

If the police really wanted to solve the crime, they would have cordoned off the area and stopped people trampling the crime scene. However, that would have been too smart. We already know that the crime scene was hopelessly contaminated by all the people allowed to go on scene, so there is little to no usable evidence.

This case will be broke by a confidential informant, if it is solved at all. We hope that one man did this, so his group doesn’t crack. The perpetrators should keep it quiet and let no one know what they have done.

3 Comments to “We Salute the Actions in the Philidelphia Cemetery!”

  1. presumed they did it themselves for the national airplay and inevitable over-reaction.

    • Possible! I read that something like 500 graves were overturned. That would take some major time, like hours. Also, one’s legs and arms would get tired. Seems like more than a one man job.

    • You should know feminizedwesternmale .The rabid rabbi bit off more than he can chew at your circumcsion huh feminizedwesternmale

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