Yep, Some Nationalist Out There is Coaching Trump….

by Ryu

Only WNs know what’s happening in France, Germany, Norway, and so on with their Muzz.

Here, Trumpy briefly mentioned Sweden’s Muzz infestation. As for the crime, there have been thousands of them, from rapes to church-burnings to assaults; too many to list individually.

There must be some manner of grapevine between the WN-o-sphere and Trump. If so, I have a message to deliver.

Every leader and every group needs men who will act outside of the law and do what is necessary. Give me a budget and a badge, Mr Trump, and I will work miracles. Ordinary cops and soldiers cannot be trusted with this work, because they are not ideologically pure; they serve whoever sits in the Big Chair.

If your enemies play dirty, you must also play dirty. While Trump’s problems with the American media may seem insurmountable, a few words to the right people would change it 180 degrees. I guarantee many of the jews at the top of the media racket are pedos and could be bribed with ease. They’ll do anything to protect themselves, including pulling back their attack dogs.

It takes someone thoroughly acquainted with jew tricks to take down jews. No living group knows the jews better than WNs; that’s why Hitler almost took them down. WNs have a shot, if they get a little breather, maybe some state approval.

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