Cops LOVE Violence and Risk!

by Ryu

One of the defining moments of a man’s life can be the moment he learns cops, soldiers, firefighters, nurses, and doctors are all human too. They are selfish, they back-stab, they steal and cheat, and so on.

In this video, you’ll hear a cop talking about how he’d love “cell extraction.”

Cell extraction is when a prisoner is being uncooperative and the “meat squad” comes in to force them out. Often that squad has body armor and these shields with tasers on them. So about 5-6 of the meat squad rush into the cell, in a line, and shock the prisoner into submission.

No risk to them, and they get to beat up a prisoner! Now you know.

Nobody believes in “fair fights” – not the military, not police, not gangs. WNs are being conned. It’s not about “fair”, it is about winning. The only morality that matters is being on top.

2 Comments to “Cops LOVE Violence and Risk!”

  1. I live next to a cop. Nice guy, never had a problem with some of the stuff mentioned above. But I will say this: He loves seriously dangerous shite like dealing with AA’s. That I’ll never understand.

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