When Cops Teach How to Kill Other Cops: The Shoot House

by Ryu

A “shoot house” is an abandoned building used by SWAT to teach scenario-based training. Typically, one cop plays the bad guy, the others play SWAT. It is one of the few times a man can learn useful techniques from an LEO.

In this talk, you can hear Officer 401 talking about how much he loves killing cops!…in training.

6 Comments to “When Cops Teach How to Kill Other Cops: The Shoot House”

  1. “In this talk, you can hear Officer 401 talking about how much he loves killing cops!…in training.”

    He was probably just hamming it up as he relished his role as the “bad guy” Ryu. Pigs love killing, no doubt, but as we all know, they see their own as a special class of citizen, higher up the hierarchy from the rest of us. I think that’s what makes it so easy for them to dehumanize and eliminate anyone that doesn’t tow the line.

  2. FWIW I believe video games improve the ability to ‘kill’ quite a bit. I remember I took a asian kid out shooting once, he only played counter strike but player it for years,without much instruction he could rack the weapon, laid down to the ground and fired expertly.

    nothing beats hands on, but this ‘mental training’ is valuable.

    • Brevik did that too, EK. It desensitized him to violence. In a way, it is the exact same thing cops and soldiers learn in basic/academy.

      • Oh, did he do it on purpose or what? I always notice a personal distaste for over the top violence movies where blood is flying because real life isnt like that. You shoot someone and often they just slump down and bleed out.

      • Anders seems to have taken a trick from the Murkan police and military. Both now use simulators to get the recruit over the natural hesitation to shoot people, even if they are begging or acting weird.

        “and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for “training-simulation”.[70] He told a court in April 2012 that he trained for shooting using a holographic device while playing Call of Duty. He claimed it helped him gain target acquisition”

        Shit can be pretty real, bro.

      • Lolzzz…I can’t believe how bad the acting on these videos ALWAYS is. The mex guy lifting weights as the cop watches haha

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