Two Cops Kidnapped, Forced to Dig Their Own Graves, and Shot

by Ryu

Can you imagine the kind of heat this would draw? The system response would be biblical. This actually happened in 1974. Two cops did a traffic stop and were captured.

Let us as the most important question of all – how were the perpetrators caught?

When the police initiate a traffic stop, they tell dispatch their location, ID, and the suspect car’s license plate number. This has the effect of radically lowering the time to discovery also. For other cops to locate the vehicle in question, and its owners, was trivial.

6 Comments to “Two Cops Kidnapped, Forced to Dig Their Own Graves, and Shot”

  1. Sorry, off topic, but I would love to get your thoughts Ryu, on this ridiculous, PC, feminist, load of black ass kissing garbage, in the form of the latest of freakywood propaganda, that “hidden figures” movie. Yeah, we would have never made it through the space age without those handful of black broads crunching our numbers for us stupid whites, lol!

    • Those black girls were just technicians, not scientists Guest.

      A technician is like the “hands” that do what the “brain” says. Scientists design everything, then techs do all the stupid and tedious work.

      It is a bit like a surgeon. He does all the hard, intricate work. When the crisis is over, he steps back and lets a nurse or an intern handle the rest. Garbagemen handle the garbage.

      They could have outsourced the work to undergrads or high school students, but for some reason chose some black girls.

  2. Thanks Ryu. Whenever I see something like this my default mode is to automatically assume that it’s a load of horse shit, and to wade my way back through it all to figure out what the actual truth is. Glad I haven’t been to the movies since the 90’s, and in no way support these people.

  3. Facinating. It would appear that the (surviving) duo engaged in a successful ransom operation prior to the traffic stop. Have there been any successful ransom operations in White countries since?

    • The problem with ransom or kidnapping cases, is that the FBI often becomes involved. That case above occured in 1974, when the Murkan police state was very small.

      It is very hard to evade a full federal investigation. Usually more than one suspect is involved, which increases the complexity. Then, one has to avoid leaving evidence for at least two suspects, and a kidnapee.

      I found some stuff. An acronym: ACP NRR abduction, captivity, proof of life, negotiation, ransom drop, prisoner release. There are many ways to screw up. Usually its only big in the third world, where the police are inefficient.


    The most illuminating aspect of this Canadian cop-killing story is the correlation between banning the death penalty and the inevitable degeneration of civilized white society.

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