Rich Cop Who Likes Stealing

by Ryu

Cops aren’t above criminals. Not at all. May be they are worse, because they lie to themselves about their true motives. The cop in this case earned about 130K per year.

How was he caught? CCTV at the fuel depot. Later, when he got on the radar, his home was videoed.

Remember the 5Cs: computers, cell phones, credit cards, cars, CCTV. These are the tools of the Murkan police state. Most people, including cops, cannot see it. Someone who can’t admit Murka is a surveillance state right now will get caught.

This case also involved an anonymous tipster. America is full of snitches.

To do it without permission is a special skill, one cops and soldiers do not learn. Only criminals and terrorists are truly good at it. Here, we seek to ELEVATE the criminal, not to look down upon him.

One Comment to “Rich Cop Who Likes Stealing”

  1. Violent Mob Defense Tactics: Moving Vehicle TRUMPS All!
    If I remember correctly the guy doing the assault ect. is a mixed meat spic cop.They never did a follow up on the cop.

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