Would You Accept Gambling Advice from a Casino Shill?

by Ryu

No, shills don’t risk anything.

…but why do people continually seek direct action advice from cops or soldiers?

A “shill” is an old word for a person, usually a young woman, hired by casinos to drum up action. She’d be given from money by the casino; if she won, she kept the winnings but if she lost, it didn’t affect her pay.

American cops and soldiers are shills for the USG. Whether the “War on Crime” or “War on Terror” are won is irrelevent for them. They get paid regardless.

In addition, they risk little and are rarely charged with murder. Very few cops or soldiers die on duty these days. Almost none go to prison for their crimes.

If anything, cops and soldiers are the exact opposite of a DAA.

When a soldier dies on duty, he is immortalized as a hero. His family gets the big check from Uncle Sam. He will get a 21 gun salute and a funeral with all the trimings.

A DAA gets nothing if caught. His family will disown him, his wife will leave him, his children will be taken. His home will be tossed for evidence. To most of humanity, he becomes a monster to be hated.

A very important reason why so many get caught is that they are imitating those who act with state permission.

Stop listening to them! If you really want to learn, study those who do on their own, like criminals and terrorists. The information is out there.

We will now reveal one of the great secrets of WN.

Those who look down on criminals and terrorists are pro-system (no matter else what they say.) Those who look up to them are the truly revolutionary.

Below, you can hear Ander’s dad saying he wishes his son was dead. Would any soldier’s father say the same? We thank Anders for his glorious example.

6 Comments to “Would You Accept Gambling Advice from a Casino Shill?”

  1. Some conservative group infiltrated antifa and wrote a report about their tactics, organization, etc. I consider antifa half-revolutionary, but it’s a good piece:


  2. Maybe from trump but not from robii shecky the shyster sheckler who owns all the casinos

  3. All soldiers in the US Army are in direct violation of their Oath. Congress is only allowed to appropriate funds to an army for two years. Every two years they are supposed to convene and ensure that the war is necessary. If not they disband the army, and the militia men go back to defending their sovereign republics. This has not been the case et. al. in a long time. I suspect this is one of the many reasons the United States is beyond repair.

    Cops take this same Oath and one could make the observation that they are in direct violation of the second amendment as they are not militia. Instead they are arm of the state to quell militia men from gaining too much of a strong arm over the lands that have been taken from them. Essentially, police officers are a domestic standing army with Antifa acting as the tertiary arm of the state sponsored violence apparatus.

  4. So what the hell is the differance between them and an occupying army since they both demand payment and permit limited liberties

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