We Salute Alexandre Bissonnette!

by Ryu

What a liar the common man is.

They don’t mind killing. The average person will fall to the ground in worship of a killer – provided the killer wears a uniform with a nice, big flag on the shoulder.

Nothing is wrong with killing Muzz. The US military has been doing this for at least 16 years now. Chris “Murkan Sniper” Kyle killed over 200 and is revered as a god by most.

The courage of the WN DAA will always be recognized here. We shall never betray their great actions with refusals. However, improvement is possible.

The mosque had 8 surveillance cameras. Reports seem to indicate Alex just burst in, started shooting, then walked out, sat in his car, and called police to arrest him. He didn’t even try to escape!

Such a “suicide attack” indicates an op which is either too risky, or the agent is simply too lazy to plan it properly.

The secret to getting away with it is to dramatically increase the TTD or Time To Discovery. This yields time to get away, to the eliminate the evidence, and also gives some margin for error.

“Getting away with it” (GAWI) is a skill that must be practiced. No one, no matter how talented, is proficient their first time out. It takes years of practice. Every minute in the field costs hours of preparation, tens of hours. It is 1% action with 99% preparation and escape.

It’s yourself you have to live with. Many DAAs, it seems, are unwilling to live with the guilt and uncertainty that comes after a big action. Getting away in the short term is not too hard, but evading a full-scale BigFed investigation is a rare skill.

We need DAAs driven not by duty and honor, but selfishness. One has to be very selfish in order to go outside the system’s justice and take it for himself. Selfishness will save the white race, if taken far enough. Money won is twice as sweet as money earned; justice taken with your own hand is sweeter than a thousand trial-by-juries.



3 Comments to “We Salute Alexandre Bissonnette!”

  1. You also have to enjoy the chase for its own sake

  2. What’s really strange about this dude is that he was a student in a very liberal university known as Laval in French Speaking Canada. By attending this school, you submit yourself as a candidate for multiculturalism.

    • It probably wasn’t until he experienced it firsthand, that he realised what a flawed philosophy it was. When I was young, I just mindlessly went along with what the pop culture was pushing without questioning any of it, and supported certain leftist causes such as multiculturalism. It wasn’t until I matured that I became aware of what the real deal was, and that it was my demographic with the bullseye on its back. Fortunately, I was fluid enough in my thinking to overcome this. But if someone is rigid in their thinking, and past a certain age, they will generally never be able to see the truth, and are beyond hope at that point.

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