MMA Fighter Tries Action…Epic Fail

by Ryu

Fight training doesn’t help in direct action.

In fact, very little formal training does. Cops and soldiers have proven time and time again how poorly they work without the uniform. Only a few units of the CIA, GRU, FSB or Mossad would learn such things, but even they work in teams that have real budgets.

Basically, this guy tried to rob a laudromat and ended up killing the manager and a civilian wit. The bodies were discovered by another customer soon thereafter. The event took place on a Monday and he was caught by the US Marshals by that Friday.

It was one of the 5Cs that broke this case. Recall the 5Cs of the American police state: CCTV, credit cards, cellphones, computers, cars. The business had CCTV, so investigators just watched the video, ran facial recognition software, got his and his family’s location, and that was it. Easy make.

The police didn’t use a public appeal because they didn’t need to. That is a last resort for them. Technology makes IDing people easy.

Del City police review surveillance video in gruesome double homicide
One person in custody related to double murder at Del City business

Our DAAs don’t get enough love. DA is the hardest thing a man can do.

Not even the Mossad can evade the 5Cs well. In this Dubai op, they have about 30 agents working on one job. They were all caught on tape. It is bad, sloppy work. The surveillance state is getting so bad that even “government professionals” cannot do it right.

11 Comments to “MMA Fighter Tries Action…Epic Fail”

  1. If you have a drivers license mostly likely your face is already in a facial recognition database, making it trivial for the cops to match your face from decent CCTV footage. I’m not sure if most states do this, but I know mine does.

  2. If you cover or disguise your nose and mouth it’s hard for them to recognize you.

    • True, but one has to also cover the ears. And one has to get rid of that cover in time, as it is distinct. Every little detail becomes important, which is why so few get away with it today.

  3. Why would anyone want to rob a laundromat in the first place? The person who makes this decision is likely highly impulsive, strung out etc.

    I can”t imagine any analytical mind passing this one through a cost-benefit analysis.

    • Be careful, Jack. Criminals are not “stupid.” They (many of them) are desperate.

      How else can you make big money fast in America? Work? Investment? There is no legal way to put your hands on alot of money now other than crime, legal or illegal.

      A desperate man will do many irrational things. Armed robbery is a very hard crime to do well. There are many unknowns. If a person has watched too many movies and TV, they may fight back and invite being shot. This is exactly why cops shoot citizens who resist arrest too.

      To do armed robbery well, one needs “command presence.” GET ON THE GROUND MOTHERFUCKER! HANDS UP! DON”T LOOK AT ME. WHERE’s THE FUCKING MONEY! Cops call it command presence, a normal person would call it being an asshole. Total domination is necesary.

      If the threat is big enough, it isn’t necessary to use violence. But – if violence is necessary, it has to be extreme. Cops and cons are the same in this.

      Think of armed robbery the same as arrested a non-cooperative subject. In one case, money is stolen; in another, freedom is stolen.

  4. Ryu,

    Re: DDR ear analysis

    Can’t quite recall where I first read about it. IIRC, the ear had a separate photo on DDR passports. Some “Western” governments now require visible ears on passports, too.

    • You are a strong nationalist, to have discovered such facts. I comment you. If you wish to become a writer, let me know.

    • I just made this very point on an ID for a 22 year old kid with a 15 year old picture. Skin and hair color change along with weight. EARS, nose, chin and hairline are usually set very early on and do not change. And I am merely taking about the ears as set against the head and sized from top to bottom.

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