“And memes were made flesh and forced to walk the Earth” – Pepe, 1488 -

by Ryu

“There is no meme but Kek and Pepe is his prophet…”

“500% triggered.”

Wow! Mockery does work on antifas. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

The chick in this pictures love that WN troll. I think liberal women just want a strong nationalist to roll these betas.

We want credit! Liberals are not going to go down slowly. They need to be put into camps and eradicated.

5 Comments to ““And memes were made flesh and forced to walk the Earth” – Pepe, 1488 -”

  1. That was pretty funny. af guys are really weird, 1v1 they would NEVER physically attack, but I could see a group think turning on that guy pretty fast. Also not convinced af isn’t a huge gerogre sorss style funded group.

  2. Trolling is the answer to holiness.

  3. A lot of anti-racists have been physically abused by their “primary care-giver” and sexually abused by their “primary care-giver’s” ring of savage orbitors.

  4. Some of Cesar Tort’s earliest and best work was his condemnation of the savage practices of the nonwhites towards their children up to and including live sacrifice and cannibalism in service of their “gods.” His fascination with Nordicism partly stems from the total lack of these savage practices amongst Nordics and thus the obvious implication of a higher type of consciousness..

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