Prints from Pics

by Ryu

It is now possible, and has been for several years, to get a man’s fingerprints from a mere picture. Already the police have used this to get someone’s prints from a picture and even to 3D print a replica of them.

Be very careful in allowing yourself to be photographed in any fashion. Some exposure is unavoidable; the USA is now a full-fledged liberal nazi police state. The enemy is in control and white genocide is the law. The surveillance state is only going to get bigger, meaning you have to continually become more cautious.

3 Comments to “Prints from Pics”

  1. This begs the question of what a “picture” is in the digital age.

  2. Good advice. I’ve never been one to knowingly allow myself to be photographed with a wine glass in my hand or doing a nazi salute as you never know where the photo could end up.

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