When Whites Go to The Police for Justice, They Get the Credit

by Ryu

…not us. That’s the problem with using the Murkan police.

No mino fears the white race yet. They may fear the police, but that is not the same.

It is a sign of high weakness that the white man has to run to an outsider to get justice. Men recoil from such displays by instinct. If you want justice, be a big boy and take it for yourself, in the streets, as the niggers do. You will feel better and more of a man for doing it.

But – and this is important – do it properly. Get away with it. Don’t win in the short term but have to go to jail or pay for it in the courts. As is well known, the legal system belongs to the jew and serves the minos.

There’s nothing more feminine for waiting for permission. Whores who sell their ass, like cops and soldiers, need permission/protection. They want immunity before doing anything. They want all the profits but none of the loss; no risk. Cops and soldiers are completely useless without their uniforms.

There are some good videos of white mean dropping coons. The proper response to this:

…is this:

The few white groups who are feared by minos are violent, racist killers. They kill the Christfuck out of minos on a daily basis. THAT, is why they are feared. That is also why the first skill a brother learns is how to fight.

The AB understand what most whites do not: a white man who can’t or won’t fight, is worthless. The AB has our back. Do you have theirs? Here they put a bounty on two niggers who attacked a white man.

4 Comments to “When Whites Go to The Police for Justice, They Get the Credit”

  1. So how many times have whites been covicted of hate crimes for defending themselves

  2. Gawd how the system protects niggers. Oh did I write a bad word about murderers? boo hoo!

  3. Seems like only hate can set a person free.

  4. Hate is a liberation and a relief.

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