Murkan Cops Use Fake News to Catch Criminals

by Ryu


You shouldn’t be. Cops are Murka’s best liars. They know the public sees them as heroic heros who never drink, smoke or cheat. They profit off of the public’s ignorance of how things really work.

Police are legally allowed to lie and are professionally encouraged to do the same. Their standard technique on the stand is called “testilying.” Never believe anything a pig says without verifying it yourself.
Police use ‘fake news’ in sting aimed at California gang

2 Comments to “Murkan Cops Use Fake News to Catch Criminals”

  1. Moral? Not in the slightest, the corruption, and cheating were insane in the police (and fire as well, everyone was cheating on everyone, and this was in a small town, even more whack in bigger cities)

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