What Does It Mean to “Cooperate” with an Investigation?

by Ryu

“Cooperate” is a code-word with a special meaning in the USA. It means to give up all your Constitutional rights and to do the police’s work for them.

Typically, it involves:

– Allow the police to search your dwelling

– Allow the police to search your vehicle

– To give them a full statement, with no lawyer present

– If asked, to submit prints, hair or DNA samples

The police have alot of tricks up their sleeve.

For instance, they know that an innocent person or a member of the victim’s family will “cooperate.” Usually innocent people are all hot to prove how innocent they are. It does not matter how vacous the charges are. They don’t demand to face the accuser.

3 Comments to “What Does It Mean to “Cooperate” with an Investigation?”

  1. It means if you don’t sign on the dotted line saying you killed Kennady you will be convicted of obstruction of justice.LOL No but I heard of people being convicted of just that because they failed to plead the fifth before remaining silent.Just because they took an oath does’nt mean they are’nt going to violate your constitutional rights which was written to limit the gov. and protect you from them. In most if not all jurisdictions police ect. are the king’s men and can do no wrong and are above the law ( immunity ) till the church kicked the king’s men ass and then they could be prosecuted civilly on thier oath of office ( on thier bond )

  2. The central park rapists cooperated and look what happened

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