3D Gun Printers ARE NOT Revolutionaries

by Ryu

There is a vast difference between pro-system advocates and anti-system advocates. The difference manifests in many ways. This article will demonstrate that.

WNs want guns with 3 characteristics:
1) Cheap
2) Disposable
3) Untraceable

That is ***IT***. The printed gun doesn’t need to be pretty, “tactical”, able to fire 1000 rounds, or durable. In fact, the less durable, the better. We’d prefer a gun that only fires about 5 shots, then can be disposed of forever.

1) Cheap

One can stand to throw away a 10$ gun. The easiest way to tell is someone will actually use a gun is cost. No survivalist is going to throw away a 2000$ dollar gun. Once a gun is used for its designed purpose, only cops and soldiers can keep it.

2) Disposable

Using a gun is just half of the equation. The other half, is getting rid of it. Throwing a gun in the river or burying it is not good enough today. To destroy a metal gun is difficult. 3D printers “should” use the medium to create guns that are much easier eliminate.

3) Untraceable

Serial number is just one part of it. Guns produce a wide variety of evidence, all of which “should” be eliminated. This is a topic no cop or soldier talks about, because they don’t have to do it.

Odds are good that the 3D gun printing crowd has already been rendered useless. The things they value are not the things that a revolutionary movement needs.

The TRUE game-changing aspect of 3D gun printing is the creation of a cheap, easily disposable gun.

20 Comments to “3D Gun Printers ARE NOT Revolutionaries”

  1. Prolly just a Jew way to make money off patriotards.

  2. Here’s the thing: the most popular 3D “gun” printed is the serialized part of a modular rifle. Every other part has to be ordered online or bought in person. It’s very easy to be a lazy murkan and get “super secret gun parts” delivered to you via UPS. I’m sure most printers do this. Even if one buys everything with cash, he or she still has to acquire the assembly knowledge discreetly. TL;DR – probably 1/200th of 3D guns were actually assembled with secrecy in mind.

  3. I remember downloading the program used to make the first 3d gun but forgot the name of the company or site I got it from . The site was taken down almost immediately than put back up and taken down.I got 1000’s of bookmarks ect. and will have a hard time finding it when I do I will post it.It would help if someone tells me the name.It was all plastic except for the barrel.They even made a youtube video of firing it.But did’nt make one of it being fired multiple times till failure.Well I just did a search and seems to be plenty info on it .Do’nt know if any had the program to print 1 ? I suggest just using it once and melting it down. Either way plastic or not it still has a traceable barrel and the best bet would be to re tap the front part of the barrel and or do some serious grinding and or filing on it

  4. correction it maybe not traceble only if you made your own barrel and not reused 1 but if found it still can possibly be connected back to you .remember the only forensic evidence usable is chemicals from the powder blast residue ,the markings connecting the bullet to the gun and any dna and prints left on any of the 2 and the vicinity of any evidence found

  5. Hiding the gun would be the easiest part, if push came to shove…

    I just got an email with this today, I have’nt tried it so I can’t recommend this but it is a good site for other stuff.

  7. You Idiots should really spend 5 minutes looking into something before running your stupid mouths and that especially includes the blogger.
    Ok so here’s the deal briefly, 21 year old Cody Wilson white boy Texan anarchist law student got the idea to use 3D printers [which you seem not to know what they are and ill get to in a minute] to do the most radical thing imaginable make working guns printable cheap and anonymous. It took a couple years of his life to accomplish it and hes now under federal inditement for selling arms to foreigners because he released the cad file on the internet after they told him not to. 3D printers have advanced a lot and its true some multimillion dollar ones can print with almost any material from metal to human cells.But the ones you can buy for a grand print in plastics.And that was what he was designing for. as you can imagine its not easy to design a piece that will withstand the pressure of several shots, he did manage to design a 25 auto that will last for as much as a dozen shots. the cad file you would download into your printer is available free all over the net . YOURE WELCOME. its actually legal for you to make and own it just not sell it. and if you want to destroy it its plastic use your imagination.If you want to repay him for the great personal sacrifice buy his book where he tells the story link below.

    It seems some of you idiots dont know the difference between printed and machined so briefly most metal fabrication is cut out of blocks of metal with a CNC mill. Cody Wilson has now started a for-profit business of selling a cnc mill especially designed to carve the receivers of several popular assault weapons and includes specially designed cad programs that make such an advanced machining project doable on a low cost ($1500)home tool operated by amateurs.Its called the ghost gunner. Legally the receiver is the only part of the gun legally a gun the rest is accesories you can buy anywhere without ID, however for you knuckleheads that dont understand their are a billion guns in private hands in the USA and impossible for USG to track the parts you certainly can use either the cnc unit or a plastic printer to print the other parts Cody has released a cad file for the magazines and if other parts are not yet designed by others and released thry soon will be some will be plastic and some metal different techs but both can be controlled by open source cad software files.https://www.ghostgunner.net/

    hes even giving away th plans to make the cnc machine if youre up to the task.

    Jeez if you guys are the hope of te white race ill shoot myself

  8. To colon patter :
    1 .$1500 for a machine or whatever is not low cost idiot. For that you can get at least a few 50 mm sniper rifles or 50 throw aways from a 10 yr. olds on the corner in harlem .
    2.Since when do anarchists ( commies ) who are basically lawless study law and program computers.
    3. your post smells like it would be spam if emailed

    • 1500 for a CNC MILL is very reasonable dirt cheap in fact you can make as many things as you like or whatever you design or someone open sources designs. He also offers the design of the mill if you want to build one yourself.Its not for everyone i mentioned it mostly because you guys seem not to understand the difference between miling metal with CNC mil and printing plastic with 3D printers. Printers are much less expensive but even advanced plastics wont last like a metal gun.You can also buy 80% receivers which are finished below the threshold to be legally a gun and can be finished by a skilled person without a mill.
      all anarchists are not commies this one seems to be more of the libertarian type hes quite young and idealistic and intelligent, who can explain people.
      Your blogger wrote an absurdly uninformed article about what he wanted in a 3D gun implying it wasnt done i simply pointed out what was done exactly met his specifications, the 3D printed plastic gun costs about $5 in consumables, is completely untraceable ,will fire about a dozen shots, and can be destroyed in a microwave or a fire.
      3D printers are cheap and will get cheap and common as the paper printer on your desk already companies like UPS offer to print and ship any file you send them in 12 hrs.
      Since when do revolutionaries whine about lawlessness

      • Colleen, thank you.

        Do you have a link to this 5$ gun you are referencing? If so, I wish to follow it. Either that, or I’ll have to hunt it down myself.

      • I think youre teasing me but Ill play. The article is about 3D printed guns, so its kind of implied you have access to a 3D printer. If you do Cody has spent several years of his life, a couple hundred grand of his money, and is under federal inditement for his trouble. His proven design is free, he released the cad file, which the feds claim is international arms dealing because here in the usa its legal so the state dept went after him.
        so the design is free to download. the plastic that the printer will use is about $5 worth. So find a buddy with a printer or buy a printer i see them as cheap as $169 now though I dont know if that machine is appropriate for this task the point is he went to all this trouble because he understood 5 years ago that printers would be as common as paper printers very soon.

        If you are simply looking for a cheap gun I pick up hitec 9mm for $50-75 regularly at rural gun shows, not the greatest but i would have no problem disposing of it, in fact i usually give them away
        no im not giving any of you guys a gun

      • I am not teasing you, Collen. In fact, I admire your honesty and appreciate your information. You are somewhat insolent, but that is good for a modern white man to have.

        My specialty is forensics, not guns themselves. I will be following these links of yours.

  9. For a more sophisticated weapon, 3D is a real game changer. But for a quick, dirty, and to the point weapon made from commonly found materials, check out the below info for ideas. Bear in mind that the slamfire’s in the first link below are more sophisticated than the one in the fiction story below, of which there are plans out there.


    Homemade 12 Gauge Slamfire Guns!!! (A lot of good idea’s here, a few of which I would never personally try, but he’s a talented young man).

    Zips, Pipes, And Pens: Arsenal Of Improvised Weapons, by J. David Truby.

    Improvised Modified Firearms: Deadly Homemade Weapons, by J. David Truby.

    Fiction by Kurt Saxon that I think that you will find inspirational Ryu, if you haven’t already came across it. The slamfire is featured, and used by the protagonist Clarence to take out multiple AA muggers.

    By Kurt Saxon


  10. The now defunct Loompanics catalog brings back some fond memories, and was a godsend to a lad living on the edge of society in the pre-internet era of the 1980’s. Among the controversial publications was the “How To Kill” series (volumes 1 through 6, I believe). That’s right; they actually offered a hitman’s guide to the trade!

    I believe that the Delta Press, along with the Paladin press, bought up all of their remaining titles that were still in print. I included the amazon link in the post above because generally The Paladin Press is overpriced on their books, but it looks like in the case of Zips, Pipes, And Pens, they are about comparable to Amazon. The second publication, Improvised Modified Firearms: Deadly Homemade Weapons, by J. David Truby, is out of print, and was priced at around $134 at Amazon from the few vendors that still had a few copies. You could however get the kindle version for $34 (Print out the good stuff). The latter publication made mention of homemade ammo, and that’s worth noting, since we all know that’s the bottleneck, not the guns.

  11. You can find all that stuff on youtube. I ran across 1 kid that made his own laser cannon ,another that made gun powder with pee , make thermite,use parts from a microwave to make directed energy weapons , but , what I really wanted for Christmas was a portable particle beam blaster

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