The Best Direct Action in American History

by Ryu

…and no one knows about it.

THAT is why the perpetrators were so good. Not only did they get away with it, but they struck America’s greatest weakness – its reliance on electricity.

We have all seen it. When the power goes out, life stops for the Americans. Without their TVs and computers, they are helpless. I have seen them just sitting for hours, sadly, waiting for their entertainments to return. It is pathetic sight.

There exists a threshold where if an action is too small, it isn’t noticed. Yet if it is too big, the heat is too much and one is certain to be caught. Whatever group performed this action calculated the result exceptionally well. It takes a very fine “control” and perception to do this.

There are crimes against people and crimes against property.

The clearance rate for people-crimes is about 50%; against property, about 20%. It’s much safer to attack property than people. The clearance rate trend is a sort of macro-factor and exists regardless of method used.

We are talking about the Metcalf sniper attack of 2013. Pay particular attention to the police response time – 20 minutes. That’s a priority 3 call, code 1, no lights, no siren.

There is another world out there, for those with the training to see it. People are getting away with alot. It never makes front page news and even the average WN would not notice.

Here is the surveillance video itself. The cops are looking for a hot tip. This videotape is the only witness and it shows very little. Excellent work.

7 Comments to “The Best Direct Action in American History”

  1. If there were real terrorists operating in this country, this kind of stuff would be happening daily. The US has so much unprotected infrastructure everywhere it would be an embaressment of riches for terrorists. Imagine doing 15-20 million damage every few days….now imagine 5-10 groups doing this simultaneously. Even if you could eat the costs the annoyance factor would be through the roof. Death by a thousand paper cuts. I wonder how long it takes to gather intelligence and plan an op like that. A few months? A year?

    • The recon on the shooting part wouldn’t have taken long. But cutting the cable first may have taken some time. Probably just a few months. Observe how none of the shell casings found at the scene had any prints on them; they planned that also.

      One issue with our DAAs is that they target people over infrastructure. In the USA, people are replaceable, but money is not.

      • “One issue with our DAAs is that they target people over infrastructure. In the USA, people are replaceable, but money is not.”

        This is interesting in that the US military philosophy is whoever blows up the most shit is the winner. Not that that’s true of course, but that’s how the US decides who is the winner. I would have thought that attitude would have trickled down to the general population. The only lives that “matter” in this country are probably the top 0.1% of the population who actually run things;the rest are considered expendable.

  2. What are the odds this was a training and/or punitive operation conducted by some USG force?

  3. Someone will eventually set up a fake nuke threat triggering a mass evacuation.

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