Feds Paying Civilians to Spy on You

by Ryu

Murka is a full-blown police state….RIGHT NOW.

Don’t trust anyone who can’t say that easily. What was once the USA is now a liberal nazi police state where white genocide is the law.

In this story, the feebs are paying Geek Squad to spy on their customers’ computers.

But that is just one story of many. You can’t trust anything electronic today. Be careful who you let into your house. There are stories of police paying repairmen to gather information. If they see something funny, they may (will) report it to someone.

At the same time, criminals are getting away with it all the time. Often it is luck. However, there are men doing amazing things on an regular basis. The key is very detailed planning and avoidance of the electronic surveillance state in all forms, which we abbreviate the 5Cs: computers, cell phones, credit cards, cars, and computers.

5 Comments to “Feds Paying Civilians to Spy on You”

  1. Not having a smart phone is going to put you way ahead of the game in terms of tracking but esp just being more mentally capable

  2. Ryu…

    You are not drawing hard conclusions from your standard claim.

    If there is a Police State then IT IS to GUARANTEE your “mother’s” right to have killed you at your beginning (and never revoking such guarantee).

    If there is a Police State then it is infinitely easier to be IN JAIL for “white supremacy” than out of jail for “white supremacy.”

    If there is a Police State then white man’s freedom of conscience is under direct assault and the taboo on Separation enforced by COPS.

    And as it concerns the 5 C’s… Less action, reaction, transaction DOES NOT at all make one less able to be profiled and glean patterns from. The 5 C’s could just as well be used to create more irregularity and information overload. For example, if I do A-Z, what makes doing G any thing worth profiling or making pattern of? Or, if I never do X, Y, Z and then do X, Y, Z… The “profile” or the “pattern” is no more information-worthy than “try everything once.”

    • I try to make my WN more practical than theoretical, TD.

      Many parents may not abort their children, but they do use “physical encouragement” such as grabbing their arm hard or spankings. That too is “might makes right”…for awhile.

      …but later, when the child becomes an adult and the parent becomes feeble, guess who gets sent to the nursing home? That too is might makes right. It is a living, breathing philosophy. Many follow it.

      • I do not deny (m)ight makes (r)ight on occasions. It is you who deny (M)ight makes (R)ight, absolutely, thus rendering your claim of (m)ight makes (r)ight a simple matter of personal preference REDUCING the essence of the concept to the “weak do wrong.”

        You accept that the weak do wrong and call it a strength in a time of rapid descent. This is a desire for radical autonomy and self-annihilation. It is anti-white Supremacy. It’s not theory. It is a well-modeled representation of a high IQ “white” male self-annihilator.

  3. The problem isn’t gathering the data but interpreting it and understanding it. The essence of secrecy is indifference.

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