Dylann Roof’s Prison Journal

by Ryu

I got this thanks to Werewolf.

Dylan is a great hero to the white race…if only he’d get a haircut! That bowl-cut needs to go. Just shave your head, Dylan.

It is about 40 pages long but only takes about 15 minutes to read.

“You see, many White people don’t want to know the truth. Because once you know what is happening, you feel like something needs to be done about it. It is an irritating feeling. So even if they do stumble across or hear about what is happening to White people, they deny it, or say that it is lies, because they don’t want to believe it. Once you admit that it is true, you have two choices. You either do something about it, or you don’t.

At this point you fall into a “someday” mentality. You say “One day there will be a race war.” “One day things will change.” “One day we will live in this White utopia.” “One day someone else will do something, so I don’t need to.”

And this is where most White nationalists end up. So nothing happens. And this has to change. There is a lot of big talk from White nationalists, with no one backing it up.”

There are really two struggles in WN; the individual and the collective.

For Dylan, the individual struggle is over. He has done as much as any man could be asked to do. It only remains for the rest of us to equal him.

20 Responses to “Dylann Roof’s Prison Journal”

  1. Dylann Storm Roof didn’t make a single nigger chimp-out or provoke a single prominent black huckster to call for the death penalty. He’a barely mentioned by the most pathological “whites.”

    What is the most reasonable way to interpret the above?

    Why did he not take the stand and articulate his case for the abominable failure that is Totalitarian Diversity and the implication of the “black church” in this abomination?

    Did the Nordic worship a god that destined him to kill niggers-miggers-n-sandiggers?

    Was the word “separation” anywhere in the diary?

    Why are Jews “enigmas?” That’s an odd word for a young, race-real “wn.”

    • Dylan’s WN was a bit strange, I agree. He wasn’t very experienced. One gets the feeling he was red-pilled only months before his action.

      Some men have a higher calling than just being ordinary. That was Dylan. What strange god had him named “Storm?”

      21 is a very young age today. He may be better off in prison. He will not get in debt to get a college degree, get married then get divorced and pay alimony.

    • Thanks, anon. I’ve read that Rockwell story many times. It is a good one.

      • George Rockwell never wrote “white supremacy” outside of one reference to the phrase as articulated by “black man.”

        George Rockwell was a National Socialist…

        Ergo, George Rockwell was an anti-white Supremacist.

        This is a profound insight amongst the poly-tricking that is white racial realism.

    • Cesar Tort is suspect in an innumerable amount of ways. He is everybit a part of the GLOBAL zeitgeist that conducts psychological war on white Supremacy within American territory. He can barely contain his fetish for “white nymph.” It’s borderline trolling knowing he is a self-identified non-white advocator of Nazism and wholly rejects the “monocasual” dogma that is “jewish supremacy” for the more palatable leftist dogma that is Christianity as equal to white self-annihilation, i.e., Christianity advocates miscegenation.

      What one should glean from this profile is the understanding that BOTH Nazism and the Jew qua Jew are anti-white Supremacy… Anti-white Christianity.

      {{{They}}} still lust for our women, too.

      • Who is Cesar Tort, TD? Is he the owner of Chechar?

        And of what race is he? I thought Chechar was white.

      • Cesar Tort is “Chechar’s” name. He is a single, childless, 50 plus year old non-white “intellectual” who has done some good work. He’s still an anti-wS though.

      • Oh man. What race is he? Looks like a white-spanish-asian hybrid. He’s got the liberal body type also.

        You’ve been around so long, I bet you could do an intel report on almost every major WN, couldn’t you TD?

      • TD, have you done experiments with very short workouts?

        Like, warm up to 10 minutes. Just one exercise. Then, maybe do a few work sets, then walk out? Maybe like 25-30 total minutes of gym time. I’d be curious to hear the results.

      • That Cesar Tort pic is about 20 years old. He is some kind of Mediterranean. He was in a small circle of commentators at VFR with Lawrence Auster who veered off and came to denounce Auster as a fifth columnist Jewish infiltrator. In other words, Auster’s focus on “Liberalism” was just smokescreen for avoiding the JQ according to these “hard right” “dissidents.” Tanstaafl was another one in this group. What is interesting now is that CT rejects the “monocausal” dogma of the “jewsdunnit” and instead believes the degenerating agent of the white race to be Christianity through its “equality” dogma leading to miscegenation. Tanstaafl married a Jewish gal and has now has Jewish children, but is not Christian. CT is not married and childless. And neither of them can “see” that their dismissal of white Supremacy makes their race-realist “evolution” highly suspect. My take was always the idea that some of the NS recognize that a Ashkenazi Jew can spiritually and intellectually convert to white Supremacy and this is what Auster did THUS becoming MORE “radical right” than all his NS critiquers.

      • I’ve done about every variation in thirty years. I would say there is a time and place for every little variation in training one can conceive of because life just is that dynamic. The basic idea behind what you ask is an amplified intensity versus a real return. Intense and powerful contractions are DANGEROUS. In a way, the above experiment is more about “smashing” the muscle together at a single point of contraction (maximum intensity) versus the tears at the outer “edges” that are created due a maximum contraction and/or recurrent contract/release. But the question is always about how well your body can fix the self-inflicted damage?

        To me personally, 20-30 mins just isn’t enough time to mentally engage. That kind of time limit meant to spur a maximum intensity just does not equate to long term benefit to me.

        I’d rather take the last 10-15 minutes of a training session and mentally ramp it up to finish stronger than I started. I want total functionality 24/7/365.

      • How are your testosterone levels TD? What do you do to keep them up?

        Many red-pillers seem to be going on TRT in their late 30s. It seems odd to me that their levels are falling so much. They have to know that while there may be some gains, the gains will be lost when they go off.

      • For Cesar Tort, the truth of Hitler’s Nazism was the Third Reich’s immersion into a Nordicism proclaiming the idea that all the major Empires were ruled by a class of Nordics (blond/red hair, white skin, blue eyes) from the Scandinavian countries. With each Empire finally collapsing due a mass miscegenation with an overwhelmingly large slave class. This truth was race-realism in the Nazi Third Reich and what is unknowingly understood as Hitler’s penchant for “white supremacy.” Yet, this understanding of a meta-history IS NOT Nazism or National Socialism. Nor is a fetish for Nordicism, white Supremacy. An “intellectual” like CT who does not make these distinctions undermines his credibility. Though what he argues is definitely worth thorough examination. Does Christianity provoke a the white race into self-annihilating? Or, would that be Nazism, Communism, Jihad, Liberalism or any number of other religious and ideological belief systems accomplishing this very perpetuating self-annihilation of the white race?

      • I’m just not that deep into the physicality anymore. I stay loose and I’m still strong, but logistically, I put no real effort into training. Diet, supplements, sleep routines, charting, experimenting, etc., I do none of that. I drink an energy drink daily and take this PC supplement and sometimes ZMA. So now I train to touch everything and then feel nothing at the end. That’s successfully conditioning to me.

      • Do you remember Brandon at The Naive Gatekeeper? What did you think of his work?

        You must have come across it. https://bclaym.wordpress.com/ I have continued to read Orthosphere (when he posts) but still think Brandon was more useful and interesting.

  2. Ok future Dylans while at least he put himself on the line reality is shooting up church ladies does not help the cause, it helps their cause.Its not even clear shooting up the people behind the great replacement as Breivik did is really helpful. whats helpful is getting more white to turn hard against multiculturalism think about that, getting caught being a caricature of a nazi klansman helps them argue that racists must be suppressed because theres nazis klansmen around still.


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