American Detectives Are Not “Tenacious”

by Ryu

No, no, no. It’s called “taking it personal.”

An entire mythology has been created around how dogged and determined the American law enforcement professionals are. The public eats this stuff up.

Over and over, we hear the same thing from cops. “Well, he thought he was smarter than us. By golly, we showed him! Justice was served.”

Cops are getting paid cash-money every second they are on the clock. Overtime means double pay – it’s a business! Cops get paid whether they succeed or not.

Criminal justice is a relatively low field. I would rank it slighly below studying English. They do have some great insights into human behavior though.

People lie, cheat, steal, kill, burn for many reasons. However, cops do all of those things too. Cops who beat their wives, kill their kids, burn down the house, or commit suicide are common.

Cops are extremely vindictive, but they hide this quality behind the badge. Cop-killers in particular are routinely beaten and tortured. We will detail those techniques in a future post.

2 Comments to “American Detectives Are Not “Tenacious””

  1. They probably cheer on the criminals a bit so they have something to do ….

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