Atavism: How on Earth Do White Men Survive the California and Texas Penal System?!?

by Ryu

The “new white man” already exists – he just hasn’t been recognized yet.

Whites are already the minority in Texas and Cali. As on the outside, there’s strength in numbers and weakness in disunity. I consider it a miracle that white inmates survive at all.

And how do they do it?

They form groups. White prison gangs are very well known for their violence; they are the most violent men inside. This violence has earned them both fear and respect. They stab and choke their way to survival. There IS no other way.

Clueless writers look down on white bangers as barbarians and criminals. They ARE barbaric, but it is something to admire. It is precisely that criminality which enables their survival.

The analogy is precise; it is the same outside of prison. NO ONE is going to protect whites other than themselves – not the police, not prison guards, and not the American legal system. Those “waiting” for whites cops or soldiers to develop a conscience will be sorely disappointed.

There are only two ways to survive in the future, whose picture for whites grows dimmer each day.

One is to have alot of money, to be a beautiful woman or to work in some job vital to the system. In such a way, a man might “buy” protection from his mino masters. A large number of whites in South Africa today owe their lives to this method. In the USA, there is still enough left of white America that many can “buy” their WN with money inherited from our fathers.

Most will try and not succeed at being rich. They will have to use the violence method. This involves killing and maiming as many minos as possible. Then some whites will be feared, as there would be actual consequences to screwing with them.


“Atavism” is FP’s concept descibing white men who will survive the future. They live because they have returned to the old values and ways of thinking.

Morality is something one worries about when his survival is not at stake. It is a luxury whites have already lost, though they do not know it yet.

27 Comments to “Atavism: How on Earth Do White Men Survive the California and Texas Penal System?!?”

  1. It’s a long dark and dreadful night. I stopped thinking I needed to convince others who look like me. They deserve what they get for their lack of loyalty and spine. Crush them ALL I say! All the weak and the frail.

    There is only the daemon inside of (some) white men. It is clawing its way out of me and screaming to come out. To rip this motherfucker apart.

    • Jackie, I like your site. I do not have a disqus, facebook, google or twitter account, so I can’t comment. Your Blood Path post was mint.

      Yes, I know about that demon. Some white men have that. You can only show that to a few WNs.

      There is more available that I will write here. Some WNs have a pronounced physical side. I was suprised to read you taught muay thai and bounced.

      The passion goes into training, but in the field and in planning, one has to be ruthless and calculating. It is possible to have too much courage. Many WNs act impulsively, which puts them in prison or dead.

      I will continue reading your stuff and see if I can offer you something useful.

      • Thanks Ryu. Please do. I’m still learning. Still growing. Tryin to figure all this shit out. Knowing I gotta keep my fuckin mouth shut nearly all the time.

      • Please check your email later today, Jack.

      • I’ve taught for a long time and fought professionally in MMA. The only thing that prevents me from fighting still is old injuries. I bounced for over a decade and still work as head of security on the weekends.

        I would say that I’m actually not very impulsive at heart. I’m over analytical on many things and never act unless I have a strong certainty. I definitely have an impulsive,destructive side but that is kept in check through self medication kickboxing and lifting.

      • MMA is another exceptional mechanism of mass “white” self-annihilation. Not only does it perpetuate through the wear and tear of repetitive physical violence, professionally it will likely stunt and retard fatherhood in the white fighter. Much of the romanticism started with Bruce Lee and ends with Ronda Rousey.

  2. Ryu…

    Half-truths are not sufficient. Your maxim is do not lie to thyself which is equal to expunging the enemy within.

    In a police state, it is EASY TO BE SUBSIDIZED for one’s criminality.

    Furthermore, in a police state, it is HARD TO BE FREE as a white man.

    This puts the real nobility of violence outside the “system’s” prison walls and within the confines of virtual reality as psychological war..

    • Thordaddy, was the Spartan system as passed down through Lycurgus white self annihilation?

      • Any “system” that forces “equality” on a people will either fail as a viable system or destroy those who think they can make it happen. “Equality” is redundancy and a “system” grounded in redundancy is Self-annihilating.

      • On a long enough time line perhaps it could be said we are all self annihilating. I’m not sure I understand why you say that MMA is explicit white self destruction.

        The lust for battle is a necessary element in a man. MMA doesn’t kill anyone. Also how would competing in combat sports impede fatherhood?

      • The redundancy of training isn’t to serve Redundancy, but a Singularity.

      • Yet through strenuous training one becomes superior.

      • TD will be of interest to you, Jack. He too has worked as a doorman, with perhaps more experience than you. He too trains MA.

      • There is a law of diminishing return.

        And I
        believe in fighting for my existence and no system need apply.

        That’s white Supremacy.

    • This will be a weird question, but have you and I worked together before, NS?

    • This post ^^^ is another example of sellng half-truths in deficient manner.

      UNLESS white man is coherent in his mind HE CANNOT POSSIBLY join a coherent movement of white men.

      And in fact, there is no white men’s movement. There is only white man’s movement and the one with the most coherent mind moves best.

      If you want to trade in The Perfect Man for Satan THEN you must be willing to suffer the consequences. You do not get to go around making up myths and fantasies and excuses for your self-annihilation.

      I’ve seen tens of thousands of white people drink/do drug AND NEVER GO TO JAIL. To claim most whites in jail are there for drink and drug use is laughable. As laughable as the niggers who make the same claim.

      And if EVERYTHING is a Jew plot then EVERYTHING IS A JEW PLOT and you help author “jewish supremacy” into the Narrative…

      As a Satanist…

      As can be predicted by any genuine white Supremacist.

    • On the other side, this movement of “hard edge” whites wanting to kill white alcohol and drug users/dealers… I’ve just never come across this movement. I’ve heard of a hard edge movement to abhor drinking and drugs on a personal mission as such things do very much represent acts of self-annihilation. Yet, white killing “whites” is self-annihilation and exactly what a genuine white Supremacist rejects.

      • Drugs and heavy drinking — that’s a radical autonomist game. I’ve come across those who lead a self annihilation path of addiction.

      • Yes, JS, absolutely… But a higher plane of the game of radical autonomy is not wasting resource on rivals already self-wasting. So the idea of “hard edged” Christian-inspired killers OF “white” self-annihilators is nonsensical. The focus should be on those actively suppressing wS about and not within WHEN the matter of eradication is invoked.


    good quote in comments:

    Breitbart is your typical Alt-Lite outlet – you can bash Muslims and minorities all you want, but dont you dare see Jews anything less than supreme, sinless angles or they will attack you like a starving dog a bone.

    Jew-awareness is a real test on who is a true Traditionalist and who’s a cuck

    • I read that article, EK.

      There is no alt-right. It’s WN through and through. AR is just the name for WN without jewish stuff in it. Our struggle is not to make whites alt right, but to radicalize them further than that.

      One can tell because ARers censor more powerful WNs. I don’t know why Rooshie hasn’t gone after the jews, who injure his Muzz brothers. He must know they’d go after him too.

      • A “wn” not grounded in true metaphysics will never be born to be destroyed in the first place.

        “wn” without the white Supremacist MEANS NOTHING.

        It’s worse than nothing. “It” is the very front necessary to nominal concession and perpetuating self-annihilation.

        A white man sensing true existential crisis, it is kill or be killed.

        And at the top are the white Supremacists, self-evidently…

        The attempt to crypto-nize said wS only works to define wS evermore explicitly.

        Yet the first threat axiom does not change…

        The Jew qua Jew is the premier anti-white Supremacist… The ethnic archetype most adamant in the belief that the most spirited white men should not lead our nations.

        But ze has many partners and like-minded zombies.

      • Rush Hour only really cares about chasing wite pussy and not much else. He was in Montreal, a hotbed of White nationalism aka French Canadian nationalism, yet he was there only to game pussy.

  4. Reading Dylan Roof’s jail journal made me think of your work. Thus this link to his journal:

    • “Jews are enigmas.”


      Yes, the archetype ethnic self-annihilator and premier anti-white Supremacist.

      Roof’s after-event presence doesn’t match the conviction in his words.

      There are infinite reasons to be skeptical. And Tanstaafl is an anti-wS.

      The aim is to spark lone white wolves to mob decimation.

    • Thanks! Just what I wanted. It gets its own post.

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