Cops: America’s Best Liars

by Ryu

…because no one ever suspects them.

The Murka public is truly blind to how policework is actually done. There is no mystery to it, when one sees how often cops lie. Almost everything they say or do involves a lie or crime.

Cops only talk to civilians for one reason: to get self-incriminating statements. Even with the full power of the surveillance state, they need admissions to gain convictions. It’s alot cheaper than paying the forensics lab.

Amoungst themselves, cops call it “the ruse” or “trickery”, but the substance is the same. “Honest” cops try to keep their lying to a minimum, as they understand that if the public knew how much lying occured, no one would talk to them again.

I do not wish to exclude myself from the mix.

This is supposed to be a leadership site, so we must dispense with idealities.

I will lie, cheat, steal and much more in order to facillitate our goals. My ultimate bible is Ragnar’s “Might Makes Right” as our forefathers have suggested.

We are opposing “evil” men – evil meaning they oppose white interests. Therefore, as Macheavilli would write, whites must learn to not to be good; and to follow or ignore rules as necessity dictates. I will not be upset by WNs doing what they need to do, or saying what they need to say.

“Whatever weapon your Enemy possesses, must be duplicated or improved upon by you. If it suits him to challenge battle in open front, be sure and ambush him in the flank, or straightway make a hidden detour and charge him in the rear. It is your chief business to delude him, deceive him, decoy him, out-general him, if you can. If moral scruples and fear of “what the world will say”, prevents you from doing this, then you were born to subordination and you had better surrender, for you can never hope to vanquish. You must be born again.”

34 Comments to “Cops: America’s Best Liars”

  1. Interesting this closed with “you have to be born again”

    I feel this is what has happened to me and I just wrote about it the other day. Just trying to accept the totality of what that means. Something both beautiful and terrible. Yet I can never speak of these things to those around me. That has been difficult. It’s natural to want to belong.

  2. Ryu…

    Your concept of “might makes right” is not a metaphysical truism, rather, your concept is a physical fact. And thIs, my friend, is ultimately fatal and decimates your idea of “being born again.”

    As a metaphysical truism, “might makes right” is equal to The Mightiest creates Order.

    As a physical fact, “might makes right” is a testament to your “mother’s” “right” to kill YOU at your beginning.

    In short, testifying to a secularized “might makes right” contravenes any notion of “being born again.”

    Your “might makes right” is DESIRE for “radical autonomy” and a subversion of the Mightiest creating Order.

    • Well, the strongest being is God TD. He created the universe and all the laws. I think Might is Right is fully compatible with Christianity.

      Isn’t it true, that once He tried to destroy humanity with a flood? Few have questioned this. God knows what I’m taking about, and I think He approves.

      • Yes…

        “Might makes Right” equals Christianity’s metaphysical truism…

        But this ^^^ Christian metaphysical truism IS NOT EQUAL TO “(m)ight makes (r)ight” AS IN a “mother’s right to kill her child at conception.”

        To believe in the latter, STUNTED CONCEPTION of “(m)ight makes (r)ight,” is TO BE A self-annihilator.

        You are only left to argue that “(m)ight makes (r)ight” as physical fact is not really a mother killing her child at conception.

        Can you make such an argument?

        What is (m)ight?

        What s (r)ight?

      • I think if God can use the flood to destroy humanity, his children, it follows that parent can abort their child. One could argue that was a form of abortion.

      • The main problem NOW with Christianity is that in the minds of the masses, “God is dead” and mainstream Christians are deracinated self-annihilators. And to only exacerbate this problem is the realization that it isn’t merely a choice to conceive such “thing” one way or another. So the point of attack is at high IQ “jewhites” and their take on Perfection, ie., objective Supremacy, in secular-speak?

        “God is dead,” but the mass still knows “perfection from imperfection” JUST in that phrase.

        And all of the elite MUST BE Supremacists at the end of the day or else each one is a devious charlatan.

      • Ryu…

        You “might” think that a MOTHER can abort her child, but that does not answer the question of whether YOU believe in your mother’s right to have killed YOU in utero?

        Such belief is the belief of a self-annihilator.

      • Speaking of “rights” is a strange thing to me, TD.

        I am opposed to abortion for white women, because it lowers the white population. In addition, a woman gets messed up when she does this to herself. If blacks or Mex want to abort all their kids, fine.

        The concept of “might makes right” laughs at human rights. A man has the rights he fights for and claims for himself. The relationship between mother and baby is quite unequal, as the baby is entirely dependent on the mother for survival.

        Who enforces “rights” or “human rights”? Without enforcement, a law is without meaning.

      • Ryu…

        You are not confronting the diabolical pact head on.

        You need to ask YOUR MOTHER whether she had a right* to kill you from conception**?

        And IF there is CONCURRENCE of such belief between “mother” and “son” then there is the phenomenon of perpetuating self-annihilation. There is a dark and diabolical pact THAT GOES WITHOUT SAYING.

        * You can define “right” in any manner you choose. You can even attempt to deconstruct “right” into meaningless garble. Nonetheless, such effort represents the actions of a diabolical pact consciously hiding itself.

        ** Go ahead. Do it again?

      • Well, she was certainly stronger than me then TD. She could have done it, and I would have been helpless.

        My mama wouldn’t like that question. I don’t like dealing with crazy women.

      • If you SIMPLY believe in “(m)ight makes (r)ight” THEN you believe in your mother’s “right” to have killed you at conception and this is because you REJECT (M)ight makes (R)ight… You reject the Mightiest creating Order.

        The ideology of self-annihilation IS CLEAR-CUT and precisely coherent.

      • As it stands, those “white” males with IQs > 135 are not only prone to embracing General Entropy and “infinite regress,” they are the very class of CONSCIOUSLY perpetuating self-annihilators… They are believers in a “might makes right” abortion that reduces to a diabolical pact with their hideous “mothers.” And because this class of high IQ “white” self-annihilators dominate the authoring of the “counter” Narrative THEN this only memes a MORE SUBVERSIVE “white” self-annihilation.

      • And that is why I always say: hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

      • Ryu…

        One does not self-annihilate through a strength.

        When you REJECT (M)ight makes (R)ight, you invoke the “weak making wrong.”

        A post Roe vs Wade pact between “white mother” and high IQ “white son” implicitly embracing a mutually self-annihilating ethos IS THE DEGENERACY of our time.

        “White genocide” is a tell.

      • If one’s instant answer to the question of his “right” to existence from conception is not an emphatic “yes” then one is some degree of self-annihilator with the most pathological minds agreeing that their abortion would have be a “good” equal to a female exercising her fundamental right to all might.

      • I no longer think in terms of rights, TD. Who enforces rights?

        Cops and soldiers do not. I would think God does it.

      • Ryu…

        Then your subjective application of “(m)ight makes (r)ight” simply takes the turn towards the worst.

        If you do not believe in your “right” to existence from conception because you “no longer think in terms of rights” than this just is “radical autonomy” and the subtle sell of “white” self-annihilation.

        Re-interpreting Might makes Right into “might makes right” into the weak do wrong only to dispense with — Right — altogether is “radical autonomy.”

        You are the one who asserted the truth of “(m)ight makes (r)ight.” I merely exposed the nature of your flawed interpretation from above and below.

        If white boy is not fighting for his right to existence from the beginning then “white genocide” is a ruse.

      • We don’t fight for the right to exist, TD. We fight to exist.

        Rights are worthless. We want to collect on the genuine article. Once, rights had some sort of value. Today, we have rights but nothing of use.

        There is no booth were I may take all my rights and cash them in for money, existence, or power.

        What “rights” does God have? And who gave them to Him? No, it’s all about power.

      • Ryu…

        No reason to ask about “rights.”

        “We” only need discuss the CONSEQUENCES of “no rights” WHICH INCLUDES the expulsion of “might makes right.”

        This claim ^^^ of yours is meaningless and as such manifests in no meaningful manner.

        The reality is of a true internecine schism between “no right” and Right with the former unwilling to separate and/or accept the consequences of their belief and the latter only failing in their Absoluteness.

      • You are wrong there, TD.

        Because might makes right, I seek might. We prefer the rawest power over the highest right. It is one’s power that guarantees rights.

        This is the secret reason why so many WNs train and study so hard: they seek power. In Murka, minos have rights; whites have no rights.

      • In “game theory,” he who makes all the right moves, wins.

        Any and all attempts to deconstruct “right” fails by way of deconstruction. Ergo, one only attempts to deconstruct “right” in order to subvert “game theory.” So let it be.

      • We don’t fight for the right to exist, TD. We fight to exist. — Ryu

        The white Supremacist desires existence from his beginning and rejects his self-annihilation.

        When he becomes aware of this dialectic marks the beginning of striving toward objective Supremacy as a white man.

        “Fighting” becomes a seamless thread in the tapestry of a white Supremacist’s epic.

      • I seek might — Ryu

        But having rejected (M)ight makes (R)ight explicitly, your language is so imprecise as to render your claim above, meaningless. In fact, to one who hasn’t rejected Might makes Right, you seeking “might” equals you seeking an uncertainty… I might!

        And so the imprecision in your language defies your arithmetic-type profile. This indicates a fealty to ideology first and foremost.

      • Because might makes right, I seek might. We prefer the rawest power over the highest right. It is one’s power that guarantees rights.


        Because mom could have killed me at conception, I seek mom. So I prefer mother over Father. And mom’s power to kill me at my beginning is her guaranteed right just because I consent to such power and what Father says means nothing.

        Not just retarded… Self-annihilating, obviously.

  3. “I think if God can use the flood to destroy humanity, his children, it follows that parent can abort their child. One could argue that was a form of abortion.”

    A child has done nothing as yet, not having been born.
    Adults have no such excuse.

    • Good point, Marlon.

      • God obviously did not destroy humanity. “We” are still here. Yet, there are those “who” reject their God-ordained free will. {{{They}}} are already dead.

    • The matter is more basic when the given frame is genocide/existential crisis. The solution is healthy perpetuation. Ergo, all acts of self-annihilation are designated destroyers of said solution to genocide/existential crisis.

      The reality is a class of high IQ “white” males FIRMLY ENSCONCED in a self-annihilation “originating” in an unspoken pact with a “mother” who avows by a “might makes right” perversion of meta-physical reality.

      And this class of high IQ “white” males dominate the authoring of the Narrative, i.e. the creation of the virtual reality.

  4. Ive seen cop shows where they lie to get the perp to admit all sorts of stuff, whats best way out of this if ever in the situation? Silence and ask for lawyer?

    • Even with modern forensics, getting ppl to talk is the most important police skill. A good lawyer can get his client out of alot if he just doesn’t say anything. However, police are very adept at getting ppl to give up their rights through trickery and intimidation.

      Usually they look upon those who remain silent as liars. That would be an inversion of the “innocent until proven guilty” idea of the courts (and cops know this). A statistic I have come across is that about 95% of ppl talk.

      I would say if it is a minor crime, and if you think you have a honest shot at getting away with the lie, lie. But if it is serious, don’t talk to the cops at all.

      • Can I get a lawyer for free even if I have some money? I dont want to get fleeced by lawyers, I know how they are.

      • You can, but they have little incentive to really invest in you.

        Public defenders work for free, but are infamous for just pleading out all their cases. These dudes have an enormous caseload. What happens is, they get experience working for the public then go private to make money.

        I will email you something of interest.

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