Many “White Icons” Will Be Dying Soon

by Ryu


Sean Connery.

Robert Redford.

Burt Reynolds.

Harrison Ford.

…and so on.

That all-white culture which once existed in Murka is disappearing, piece by piece. After about 1990, all media was contaminated with minos. The 1980s were the last truly white decade.

Of course, these are just entertainers. WN has its own heros, but the entertainers served as examples for many of us.

There is a “sense” that many of the old holidays and celebrations are losing their import; this is true. Without the white culture to support it, they are meaningless.

“The Long Wait” began about 15 years ago. The generation that will truly change things is the children of milennials. White kids of that age will have nothing and will be given nothing. Either they
take and become criminal revolutionaries, or they will be poor for all their lives.

The longer it takes Murka to fall, the less it will resemble what it once did. The survivalists were right, but underestimated the depth of the USG’s control. Freedom is dead, as dead as privacy and anonymity are.

The children of the future will laugh at our version of WN as weak and decadent.

Social media and blogging are nice, but they are not land, money or women. Working for jews and minos, the white man will always be underpaid. We will become a warrior and raider culture again, willingly or unwillingly.

True credit for this article goes to Firepower, one of the few WNs who understood what it would take to win. Either we eradicate them, or they will eradicate us; hence, the name of the site.

I offer special tribute Arnold Schwarzennegger. When he dies, I shall devote a workout to him. His depiction of the German ideal cannot be copied by anyone today, not for any amount of money.

22 Comments to “Many “White Icons” Will Be Dying Soon”

  1. Do you mean the “White”Arnold Schwarzennegger who knocked up an ugly mestizo while he was married to Maria Shriver? Yeah, he’s definitely someone to emulate.

  2. Arnie’s ultimate failing is not his last son, but failing to instill white Supremacy in this last son. Maria Shriver is de facto dyke despite birthing white children. If they all turn out to be self-annihilators, i.e., anti-white Supremacists, it still will not undermine the perception of white Supremacy that Arnold gave many a young white boy.

  3. Per physical perception, Arnold was second to none. Aesthetically, he was virtually the ideal physique for a white man conceptualizing symmetrical strength… A strong balance. Mentally, his one liners and off-the-cuff quips are a book of quotes. He was a memetic “machine.” He literally terminated Defeat in the minds of many white males. It is only spiritually that he has failed. Yet, he is still alive and his redemption not out of the question.


    Great article on Arnold and why the venomous anti-white Supremacist HATES, HATES, HATES his “lesser” anti-white Supremacist. A story of proto-SJW’s convergence and its instinctual repulsion which still utilized its own SJW reaction. Arnie’s weakness was always in rejecting The Perfect (white) Man.

    A last point… The “attacks” on Arnold in this article are, almost twenty years later, so trivially usual as to seem triflingly petty.


    Another interesting read on the symbiotic regression that is rivaling degrees of anti-white Supremacy using Arnold as a fraudulent inflection point.

  6. Modern bodybuilding was born converged when the nitty gritty of the “sport” is so explicitly racial.

    • BTW TD, I read your link to Lucas that you made about 8 years ago, back in 2009. You’ve been around a long time. Sorry PA has partial-banned you.

      Sometime, I wish to hear how you became a Christian.

      My conception of white supremacy is Arnold beheading Thulsa Doom. That’s exactly how you should sell WS.

      • Ryu…

        I dropped this link at PA’s.

        Jonathan Livingston Seagull…

        GWB, neocon cuckservative lackey or not, brought out the anti-white Supremacy of the global anti-white Supremacists like no one else to date…

        And on a side note…

        He legitimated pre-emptive strike against one’s mortal enemy.

        Can a high functioning mathematician add these things together? What is the result?

      • Ryu…

        When you write “white (s)upremacy” versus white (S)upremacy, you have to now define this tell (s) > (S)?

      • Wow, you’ve been at it a long time TD. 2004 is 13 years. You must be one of the most experienced WNs there is now.

        Whether I write WHITE SUPREMACY or WS or Ws or ws it is all the same to me. I’m focused on people’s comprehension, not perfect grammar.

        George Bush legitimized pre-emptive action. Thus, WN DAA might be justified in taking action against their enemies. (Of course, only if our enemies recognize the principle working for their enemies also. Usually they do not.)

        Direct action can be a means of self-development, of overcoming obstacles. There are nationalists out there of such ability that few would believe they exist. A few have actually gotten away with it.

        This is why I salute so many DAAs. They often make mistakes, but at least they take the shot. White supremacy is illegal today, and your perfect WS would be a criminal now.

        Not many can teach Jesus the Revolutionary, who fought to destroy the Roman empire and to free his people. He had to overcome the law many times in his actions.

      • Whether I write WHITE SUPREMACY or WS or Ws or ws it is all the same to me. I’m focused on people’s comprehension, not perfect grammar. — Ryu

        So you miss white Supremacy as wS… The question is whether this was purposeful omission AGAIN, ie., adherence to redundancy? This is what a “tell” is… A redundancy. Mathematically-speaking, redundancies are valueless givens that cancel “its self” out, by definition. So how can we “see” these valueless givens we call “tells?” “They” MUST BE PLACED AGAISNT the “backdrop” that is a Singularity.

        The more precise a language the greater the Epic to be told.

        Just as one finds in the mathematics… Precision is an elegant atttibute of the material variable.

        wS –>/<– S^^

        Even the symbology is inherent.

      • Perhaps, TD.

        But is an epic only you now fully understand. One shouldn’t trade precision for understandability. This is what others always complain about you.

      • Ryu…

        “Smart” people recognize that they may avoid the Truth by claiming a lack of understanding knowing full well that the dumb mass will readily agree with them.

        (S) > (s) UNLESS you are an anti-Supremacist.

        (w) < (W) only because "white" is not the DEFINITIVE identity, but a genetically-rooted social construction.

        The HUMAN DESIRE revolves around The Singularity.

        Yet, the human conception of The Singularity is both racialized and distorted.

        So the meta-factions are Singularity versus no Singularity and this kind of Singularity versus that kind of Singularity and false/no Singularity versus The Singularity.

        White man’s concept of The Singularity is Perfection as revealed empirically by The Perfect Man.

        The true or false nature of an actual Christ no longer bears any weight on the question of whether white man embraces or rejects the perfect white man.

        To embrace TPWN s to be a white Supremacist.

        To reject TPMW is to be a self-annihilator.

        Those who let you argue over the facts of Christ DESIRE your damnation.

        Believe it or not?

      • Yes, I believe in perfection. For a few hours, I’ve achieved it too.

      • w < W ONLY BECAUSE…

      • This fugging spell check!!

        TPWM… The perfect white man.

      • But do you believe in (P)erfection, also? Do you believe in objective Supremacy? Do you believe in objective Supremacy as an incarnated white man? Where does this all lead you to?

      • As a practical matter, the WS concept give me an ideal in training, fighting, and studying.

        One finds a suitable idol and tries to imitate the good points, to one’s own genetic ability. I have seen people do this to an exceptional degree.

        In the era you and I both know, there was a bodybuilder named Joe Bucci. He played his strength very well. For 2 minutes and 26 seconds, he was perfect. There’s almost no one alive today who can do this.

  7. Dna studies suggest that jews are’nt white .All those guys are jews.Anyway I thought they were all dead already .

  8. Arnold may have embodied the fromer “German ideal”, but here is the new one.

    Money shot @ 9:40 mark

    The west needs to take a look at Japan. Despite declining birthrates, they’re not embracing open-legs immigration policy, they’re going full-barrelled double middle finger to the mere idea that they should do so. Guess who will have a racial and cultural identity in 2040… and good for them for doing so.

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