Never Surrender Your Hate or Anger

by Ryu

These are the greatest weapons on Earth; more important even than guns.

In fact, we’d prefer a man with hate but no gun than a man with a gun but no hate. There is a name for white men with guns but no anger: survivalists.

The USG certainly knows the value of hate. They train all minos, jews, spic, feminists and most schoolchildren to hate the white man from birth.

The survivalists worry alot about gun control. But a man without anger is truly disarmed. The only group in America NOT allowed to hate is straight white men.

Further, ANYONE who has ever “served” as a cop or soldier knows 100% that the USG places anger and hate into their recruits.

That’s why they treat their men so poorly. By the time basic or academy is done, they are ready and eager to kill.

White nationalists need an edge.

There are only 700 million whites on Earth, but 7 billion minos. We are vastly outnumbered. We are the perpetual underdog.

7 Comments to “Never Surrender Your Hate or Anger”

  1. “There are only 700 million whites on Earth, but 7 billion minos. We are vastly outnumbered. We are the perpetual underdog”

    Which is why we need every last remaining white man with balls to hold on to that hate and anger. We should be angered. Our countries have been diluted with those who have no respect for the people who made them possible. We should hate. (((They))) are trying to systematically eradicate us from the face of the planet we worked for centuries to perfect. The rise of marxism can be viewed as when the rats started nipping at the toes of the lion.

    • What kind of site are you running over there, Mono?

      Others might think you are just an MRM or PUA. If you are a racist, you shouldn’t be afraid to write about the niggers or jews.

      • I’m running whatever I feel. I post shit that I think about and people comment. Some of it is PUA stuff. Others are politically based. I have no problem writing about how fucked white men are in the west and how hypocritical this bullshit society is that every other person in the world should “stand strong” but the straight white male. Its something I believe in, but I write about a ton of topics.

      • Writing is tough, long work, Mono. If one is going to write, he should specialize and do things only he can do best.

        You will be challenged by your readers.

        For instance, what of Anders Brevik? He was a white man being screwed but he fought back. Many, many nationalists have disavowed him. Similar with Thomas Ball, Tim McVeigh and others.

        If the system screw us, we should screw it back. WN is going to become much more revolutionary in the future. Moderates will be left behind. We’re going to gas the jews, lynch the niggers, and throw the spics over the wall.

    • “There are only 700 million whites on Earth, but 7 billion minos. We are vastly outnumbered. We are the perpetual underdog”

      This means only 1 in every 10 mino men can have a white woman, while EVERY white man can have 10 mino women.

  2. A timely example of what hate and anger can do. Guns, knifes, or other items fetishized by white men weren’t needed.

    • Interesting case, Guest.

      The killer must know the vic. If he is caught, he’ll be caught that way. No mention if any money or merchandise was stolen. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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