WN Exists Today Because Liberal Nazis are Weak

by Ryu

Why not just round up all WNs, put them in camps, and kill them all?

It would not take long to round up the leaders and eliminate the problem.

In a month, the entire thing would be forgotten. 2000 murders and the WN movement would die.

The reply, is that the LNs lack conviction. It takes hate and anger to kill. LNs have it, but not enough to be truly honest with themselves and their true motives.

They don’t seek “equality” – neither do we. The difference is, we know it.

Freedom and liberty are dead. Freedom to plunder, rob, and pillage our enemies? Yes, we want that. But the “all men are equal” sentiment is now outdated. No one believes in freedom and the Constitution anymore ,other than a few libertarians, who will never kill for their convictions.

The system tried a hard genocide in the early to mid 1990s. White heros like Tim McVeigh, Eric Rudolph and Ted Kaczynski put an end to that. Even 20 years ago, the system could not afford white revolution. They can afford it even less today.

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