All Who Get Away With It, Have This

by Ryu

…excess capacity.

A consistant pattern with many DAAs is that they over-stretch their own abilities. They go for too much too soon and they get caught easily. Their margin for error is too small.

Examine Dylan Roof’s actions. He went from internet racist to killing 6 blacks inside of a church. That action was about as hot as a multiple homicide can get in Murka. He might have begun with just one person and learned from the experience.

One can see this clearly in Ander’s manifesto. By the time for the event, he was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. He didn’t want to get away with it. In a way, prison is a vacation for him, a rest.

The equivalent situation is a gambler who over-bets his bankroll. This causes one to underestimate the standard deviation, and often leads to losing it all.

3 Comments to “All Who Get Away With It, Have This”

  1. The true measure of value is possession of genuine free will. An enemy who steals a white man’s free will possesses a victory over said white man that cannot be expatiated without proper recourse. A repossession of all duly or unduly loss of genuine free will — whether by manner of deceit, deception, delusion, discrepancy or faulty discriminatoon — is a first principle… An axiomatic assumption of the white Supremacist.

    To be “caught” just is to transgress the dominate disorder of radical autonomy.

    To “catch” one for genuine white Supremacy in no more sophisticated than the aggressive act of the violent primitive. A primitive whom is terminable by way of a savage parasitic ethos. An intolerable ethos which desires to devour genuine free will into a state of total degeneracy.

    • That’s something not even you have promoted, TD.

      The white man seeks freedom from his oppressors. That’s what direct action is, and it’s glory. It is a white man seizing what is his and stealing from the enemy.

      White supremeacy is outlawed. Might be the most illegal act there is. Thus, the WS must be a criminal, having to evade white cops, who are supposed to “protect” the white race.

  2. Excess capacity, redundancy etc. is a requirement for success in all areas of life.
    As much as possible, there has to be something in reserve for when things go wrong or there is a need for spontaneity.
    No one can go 100% 24 sevens.
    Operate near your margins, your limitations and gradually expand them.

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