A Special Warning for DAAs Who CAN Get Away with It

by Ryu

There are a host of engineering-style tradeoffs involved in action.

One that recieves no attention is the time factor. The longer one is in the field and the more actions one performs, the more certain rare events become.

Imagine flipping a fair coin. The probability of flipping a heads is, on average, 50%.

What is the probability of flipping 10 heads in a row?

Relatively low. (1/2) to the 10th power equals 1 in 1024 flips, on average.

If we flip the coin for a short period, getting 10 heads would be rare. HOWEVER, if we flip that coin for tens of thousands of trials, we would almost certainly come across such a result.

Most WNs get caught their first time out, because they go for too much. A few will “climb the ladder” and reach a level where they can get away with it by skill.

…but even being skilled, the time factor operates independently. The longer one operates, the more likely one will come across black swans.

Anyone can get caught. This tradeoff involves the recognition that one must stay sharp and never get too arrogant.

3 Comments to “A Special Warning for DAAs Who CAN Get Away with It”

  1. I said before, once one gets to wS, it’s all about timing.

  2. That’s why most activists are folks with nothing to lose. Anis Amri could have gotten away with it if he hadn’t made that video. Probably never expected to escape the scene of the action.

    • Not wanting to get away with it is now equivalent to desiring to get caught or be killed. With this reasonable reframe, DAAs of any stripe look less credible as agents of true elevation.

      If truth be told and the zeitgeist be real, it is infinitely easier to go to jail for “white supremacy” than it is to live free as a white Supremacist. It’s like night and day.

      Some parasites want lifelong Imprisonment for the small price of predictably violent predation.

      And some parasites want seventy-two virgins for the mere act of self-annihilating mass murder.

      That other parasites can dress this craven degeneracy up in something “noble” and “edifying” is only evidence of a slightly more intelligent parasite.

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