What Happens to Cops in Prison?

by Ryu

We have all seen cops out on the street. That is of course one POV. We must judge people by looking at BOTH aspects of reality: the good and the bad. Very few handle the lows well.

This cop couldn’t take even 4 days. He tried to commit suicide.

Protective custody or segregation seems to be the norm. The protection that cops get on the outside is extended even when they are convicted of crimes.







3 Comments to “What Happens to Cops in Prison?”

  1. Suicide should be legal and easily available for anyone at any time. That would revolutionize society more than anything, which is why it has never been allowed.

    • Good stuff. One of the funny things is that Murkan prisons don’t want inmates commiting suicide. They really don’t care about the inmate’s welfare, but it doesn’t look good for them to die.

    • The “right” to self-annihilate is high IQ “white” male’s “highest value.”

      Thank God the white masses are not high IQ OR else the white race would certainly be extinct.

      The reality is that ANY acceptance of self-annihilation NECESSITATES the LOGIC of total self-annihilation NOW.

      So in the thought experiment, one conceives a reality to which choosing total annihilation NOW is tantamount. Let us call this conceived reality “hell.” Enter self-fulfilling prophecy and the domino effect. Now, “we” are immmersed in a perpetuating self-annihilation whose only solution is rejection of self-annihilation ABSOLUTELY.

      Yet, this absolute rejection of self-annihilation and total repudiation of the Nerd’s “highest value” is still not white Supremacy. It is merely a necessary foundation for white Supremacy.

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