Never Give Your DNA to the Police!

by Ryu

The American police state only goes in one direction: more.

Now, they are building private databases of citizens. This isn’t for your benefit, but theirs.

4 Comments to “Never Give Your DNA to the Police!”

  1. We operate in a Profiling State which then provokes the high IQ white male towards acts of “radical autonomy” as an anti-profiling measure.

  2. Just a little cheek swab to clear your name so they can focus on the real criminal. Your insurance rates will come down 15% if you also get fingerprinted.

    • That’s exactly what they say, Hater. Just give us your print and DNA so we can clear you as a suspsct. Just take a few short minutes. We’re going to get it one way or another, make it easy on yourself.

      • A profiler will take what is readily given. The “white” mass is now defined by its willingness to be publicized. Only a tiny minority care for privacy in principle and only they ever initiate the reactions necessitating the realization that the mass care not for its fundamental privacy. So the schism is unbridgeable, but the weight of the opposing sides so heavily distorted in one way that only monumental action on the part of this tiny minority will suffice. This tiny minority are white Supremacists. And they recognize that the “right to privacy” was, per inverted reality, totally aborted in 1973 such that high IQ “white” male IS DEFINED by his EMBRACE of his mother’s “right” to have killed him in utero. In other words, Nerd severs the very root of his own flower of privacy.

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