Modern Murkan Fables: What Purpose Do Sheep Serve?

by Ryu

In this short post, we solved the riddle.

Anyone who works as a cop or soldier has heard the tale:

“There are 3 sorts of people: sheep, sheepdogs and wolves. The wolves are the criminals prey on the sheep. Cops and soldiers are the sheepdogs that protect the flock from wolves.”

But what purpose do the sheep serve in this story?

….to be shorn or eaten.

Both wolves and sheepdogs are members of the canine family. Both are carnivores who eat meat. It is clear that criminals take money from the public. But cops and soldiers also take money in the form of wages, health insurance, and pension.

Either way, the sheep are going to be paying something. Whether they pay to the wolf or the sheepdog is irrelevent. Both feed off of the sheep.

5 Comments to “Modern Murkan Fables: What Purpose Do Sheep Serve?”

  1. who eats the sheep?police and the army are nothing but an occupying force.they make you pay taxes (tribute) and are no differant than a foreign occupational force

  2. White Song by Goyim Goddess

  3. dt is now considering Obama’s chief gun control architect — U.S. Senator Joe Manchin — for Secretary of State!
    side note: legally the police and army have no duty to protect you but will protect the gov. from you

  4. The real wolves are those at the top, and the sheepdogs work for them. Someone once said that the test of a good police force is that they solve more crimes than they commit. American police fail the test. They are gunslingers for the wolves on top who defend the system that causes most crime. France will serve as a good outside example. Muslims not only commit terrorism, they dominate street crime there as well, with about 70% of male prisoners being Muslims. The police in France will be happy to put you in chains if you complain about the racist colonialism that brings these Muslims there, and then will brag if they manage to incarcerate one out of fifty of these invaders who commit violence and theft against the natives. Tactically they ineffectively fight crime, strategically they help cause most of it.

  5. The sheep on Reddit want to import as many wolves as possible and teach them to become vegetarians by example.

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