by Ryu

Arson is one of the least understood and most succesful crimes available. Clearance rate….2% by arrest. This means 98% of all arsonists get away with it.

In a perfect world, that last paragraph would be enough. WNs would know how to use the information and would study it closely. That it is not enough is a statement on how flawed WN today is.

The Earth Liberation Front or ELF used arson extensively. They were never caught in the act or by investigation. The EFL fell because of the usual mistake – someone inside their group talked. The leading cause of capture for all direct action actions is now internal sabotage.

There are several reasons why arsonists are so difficult to catch. Number one is that fire destroys evidence. Arson leaves no or very few witnesses. The scientific and investigative training is so rigourous that few Americans can endure it, meaning a dearth of competent fire marshalls.

Professional arsonists are called torches and work to defraud insurance companies. Amatuers are called pyros.

Every years the forest fires rage in summer. Rumor is that the drug cartels set a few of them, in order to divert system resources.

3 Comments to “Arson”

  1. ELF was largely compromised by going soft, and the addition of women. I knew some hardcore monkey wrenchers, and they were ALL men. I saw the demise from my own eyes, it was hard, secretive, direct. Then it became more open, more welcoming, more ‘fun’. Women got in the pic, and suddenly its more ‘lets hang out and recycle’ and of course environmentalism was becoming more mainstream so there was a ‘fad’ element to it as well.

    Go to any college now and they all will pretend to be environmentalists, but no next to nothing about the sacrafice needed. Were they willing to place traps to take out vehicles?

    One road I know of got shut down to to nail traps destroying atv tires over and over, the scars are still there but the land is covered by grass once again 10 years later.

    Those kids now would never do it, they are too soft, too cosmpolitian. Modern environmentalists sicken me.

    Totally unrelated but good read :

  2. Eurowussies are pussies and the USA puts its immivaders in Section Ape housing instead of rapefugee centers. We need more people with less to lose.

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