Why Don’t Normal People Feel the Police State?

by Ryu

…because they have never used their rights or freedoms. Only dissidents use those.

The average citizen of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union hardly noticed the loss of civil rights at all. As in modern Murka, their primary concern was paying the mortgage, raising their children, or career advancement. It seems to have been true in most police states most of the time.

This is why statements like “privacy is dead” have virtually no effect.

Modern Americans have never been aware of privacy and its role in a free society. They never used it as a weapon and thus never felt the loss.

The only people who need freedom of speech and anonymity are the challengers, those who change society and speak truth to power. Certainly the Founding Fathers understood that anyone challenging the system in place needed anonymity and privacy as protection against government retaliation.

America is a police state here and now – not “approaching” it, not “…in a few years”, today. Beware those who can’t admit it.

We have every feature available – a secret police (the FBI), government surveillance, indefinite detention, torture, the world’s biggest penal system, the most police brutality, an eternal state of war, worship of the police and military, etc etc.

Many today will insist that “privacy is dead.” Privacy is only dead inside fully-functioning police states. The truth is, they instinctively know they lost a great deal of freedom, but they don’t want to do anything about it.

7 Comments to “Why Don’t Normal People Feel the Police State?”

  1. I was perusing the awwmaaaanosphere yesterday and read about another case of egregious divorce rape, and it occurred to me, “what would happen if these guys manned up and just took the prison time instead of paying court-mandated cuckold costs?”

    Bear with this a moment. The courts will send you to jail if you don’t pay your alimoney, ermm,chiiiiild suppooooooort. So, the government is going to spend $40k a year, put a roof over your head, give you three hot meals a day, and take care of your medical needs… things you might not be able to provide for yourself after chiiiiild suppoooooort. Yeah, if you’re a beta cuck wuss, you may have to deal with the occasional threat of prison rape, but if you look at it as an opportunity, you can network with some interesting people, maybe toughen up bit, and get released in 10 years a better man.

    Yeah, you’ll have a criminal record, but in the police state that is Murka 2016, a LOT of people have a criminal record.

    • That is a radical suggestion, BTR. I suspect most men today aren’t ready for it. They’d be ashamed of going to prison and would be afraid they couldn’t find a job afterward.

    • How did you find your way to Doc Illusion’s site, BTR? Were you a regular reader of his once?

      • Back when he was blogging regularly, yes. I found his bullshit factor to be pretty low, which made reading there enjoyable compared to much of the awwwwmaaaanosphere.

        The fear of having a prison record is largely unfounded. Yeah, you won’t get any high-security clearances, and bailing out on child suppirt won’t win you favor with the politically correct. At this point, there’s not much shame in having served in prison, unless it was for child-rape… and in some circles, that might not be judged poorly.

  2. Conformity is thriving though

  3. @bringthereality That’s where true Aryan Whites have to draw the line. Big difference between a so-called “hate crime” and ruining the life of a child. If that’s “okay” in certain circles, I would be interested to know the racial makeup of said circles.

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